Facebook changes angered online community

It was Wednesday when the world’s largest social network, Facebook underwent changes.  Then a few hours after that, raging online users started complaining and posted sentiments in their status bars and Twitter. Some of which were a fan page named “Petition against the new Facebook homepage” and a “#NewFacebook” hashtag over twitter. But Facebook users are known for complaining fiercely about changes to the service but then adapting and sticking with the online community later on.

Some online users even stated that Facebook’s changes was a move to level the competition with Google+ and Twitter.

Among Facebook’s changes are the following:
a. New “News Feed” that streams updates from friends now gives priority to important posts
b. Larger Images for photos shared in the website
c. A “Ticker” chat column was added for real-time conversations. It also allows people to engage in text chats focused on freshly uploaded images or other posts.

In the past weeks, Facebook’s strategy was to  focus on its members’ sharing control with what information and to whom it will be shared. The first act of Facebook on this new focus was a Twitter-style feed with the  addition of “Subscribe” buttons that let people hear from people who aren’t friends at the network, and share insights with strangers. Facebook also gave control to its members the option to select what kinds of updates from friends make it into their personal news feeds.

Other speculation about the upcoming Facebook changes are the launch of a platform for online music services such as Rdio and Spotify and also stories from professional news outfits.