Coach Weiss next move for Philippine Football team Azkals

After a tragic loss for The Philippine Football team Azkals in their previous game against the Mongolian football team in Ulan Bator, Philippine Head Coach Michael Weiss shows his leadership as he expressed optimism that key players like Fil-German Stephen Schorck and Fil-Danish Cagara will be available for the AFC Challenge Cup in Nepal next month.

The players were disappointed regarding the results of their previous game knowing that they had let their adoring fans and nations down. Some Football Experts blamed the weather (12 degree Celsius) for the lost of the team. Many game fanatics quickly noticed that the team is quite sluggish in today’s game compared to their winning game in Bacolod. They noticed that it took quite some time for the team to get used with the weather during the game as they are seen struggling in the first half of the game but later improved on the second half. Still, it is too late since it had already cost a lot when the opponent scored 2-1 beating the Azkals.

Making the team’s training camp in this bustling city crucial in honing up the Manila-based players, Weiss said their availability, as in the past, will be known only at the last minute

However coach Weiss said, “What is important is we have a strong group in Manila.  And we will be even stronger when the professionals from Europe arrive.

“We are expecting a few of our professional players to join us for the Challenge Cup next month. So the idea now is to develop a parallel line of players to further the development of Filipino football.”

The Azkals were scheduled to play the Australia Under-23 team at the Al Maktoum Stadium Thursday night. Weiss is expecting Schrock to play for one or two matches in the March 9 to 13 tournaments.