VP Binay: named as the Most Trusted Government Official


In the latest trust and approval survey conducted by PulseAsia, revealed that the most appreciated and well-trusted government official is Vice President Jejomar Binay overtaking President Noynoy Aquino, having 83% trust rate from the 78% registered last October as compared to Pnoy’s rate of 74% as of this month, decreased from the 78% registered last October, according to ABS-CBN.

The survey is conducted February 24 to March 6, 2011 were: the diplomatic row between the Philippines and Taiwan over the deportation of 14 Taiwanese nationals to China; the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution; and the evacuation of Filipinos in Libya amidst the ongoing civil unrest in the country; the execution of three convicted Filipino for drug trafficking in China that is supposed to happen on February 20 and 21 but is put on hold because of Binay’ humanitarian visit to Beijing, China.

Joey Salgado, Binay’s spokesman, said the Pulse Asia survey encourages the vice-president to work even harder.

“VP Binay is grateful for the people’s support. It encourages him to work harder for our people. The VP knows that our country is facing so many challenges and he asks that we all work together to face these challenges and help President Noynoy move our country forward,” he said.

Other developing stories at the time the survey was a total of 1,200 representative adults participated in the survey. It has a ± 3% error margin at the 95% confidence level.

source: GMANews, ABS-CBNnews

Aquino widens poll lead

Numbers can still change depending on local bets

MANILA, Philippines—Ahead in all areas and socioeconomic classes, presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has widened his lead over rival Manuel Villar, whose numbers dropped significantly over the past two months, results of a survey conducted last month by Pulse Asia Inc. show.

Thirty-seven percent of the respondents, up by a percentage point, said they would vote for Senator Aquino, Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer, had the elections been held last month.

Support for Senator Villar, presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party (NP), dropped to 25 percent from 29 percent in February and 35 percent in January.

Aquino said he was elated by the results of the Pulse Asia survey, which he reckoned moved him closer to winning the presidential race.

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Aquino, Roxas still lead presidential, VP race—poll

MANILA, Philippines – With a little more than a month before the national elections, Senator Benigno Aquino III continues to lead the candidates for president, according to the latest Pulse Asia survey.

Aquino got 37 percent of the 3,000 respondents who were surveyed from March 21-28, by Pulse Asia. Closest rival, Senator Manny Villar, is at second with 25 percent. Former president Joseph Estrada is third with 18 percent, former defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro, fourth, with seven percent; Senator Richard Gordon and Brother Eddie Villanueva, with two percent each.

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Aquino, Villar shift focus to votes of poor

n the watershed Pulse Asia survey of Jan. 22-26, the ground under the presidential race shifted violently, changing completely the panorama of the 2010 election and making it more volatile, less than three months into the polls.

The survey showed the front-runner since September 2009, Sen. Benigno Aquino III, locked in a statistical tie with Sen. Manuel Villar. Aquino polled 37 percent and Villar, 35 percent, as the first choice of respondents.

The obvious picture from the survey is that Villar made a remarkable leap-frog, gaining 12 percentage points from the December 2009 survey, while Aquino declined by 8 percentage points. The survey marked the turning point of the resurgence of Villar and the decline of Aquino.

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