Maria Continues to Soar Up High


YouTube sensation Fil-Canadian wonder Maria Aragon now also known as Baby Gaga, is still soaring up in clouds as she still continuing to ride her dreams after her “Born this way” duet with her discoverer Lady Gaga.

Maria Aragon is non-stop, besides her guest appearances in radio stations in Canada and a number of covers post on YouTube that from time to time is collecting thousands of likes and comments, also had the time meeting her idol, a Tony Winner, and a Filipino pride Lea Salonga at The Inn at the Forks last March 17, who is so much excited to express her big impression with Maria’s acapella rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit that merited million likes and recognition all over the world.

Young girl Maria is also seen at the hunk actor Piolo Pascual’s first solo concert at Toronto, Canada.

“Now that I’m gonna be singing with Piolo Pascual and I have his signature on this hat. This hat is really very special. I have a lot of family there. I can see he’s really very nice,” she said in an interview aired on “Bandila,” March 29.

Aragon, who was born and raised in Canada, hopes to visit the Philippines soon. The Aragons have not visited the country since they migrated to Canada in 1997.

“I’m kind of giving it a thought, too. We have a lot of family there,” Aragon said. (from

The young Maria express her gratitude, long thank you and love you message to Lady Gaga, as the singer celebrated her 25th birthday, March 28, by singing her own version of the pop superstar’s hit “Born This Way.” Having this lyrics:

“Your mama told you when you were young you were born as superstar, coz you’re beautiful on your way coz god makes no mistake, you’re on the right track baby you were born on this day, mother must say you were born on this day, …ohh there ain’t no other day, gaga you were born this day, gaga you were born this day,(born this day), ohh there ain’t no other day, gaga you were born this day, ‘right track baby you were born on this day. Your mama told you when you were young you were born as superstar,”posted also that day.

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“Happy birthday Lady Gaga and I hope you enjoyed my little fixed version of ‘Born This Way’ a little bit of happy birthday. I hope you enjoy your 25th birthday and I hope that you have more than 25 years to come. I just really love you for the way you are. I hope you really stay Gaga and hopefully I get to see you again. And I wanna wish you more luck, more support and I just wanna say thank you because without you I would be nothing here playing my piano. I wouldn’t have been wearing this shirt or I wouldn’t get this hat. I wouldn’t post this video up. Just thank you and I love you and happy birthday,” as she added after singing.

Also, Prime Minister Stephen Harper with his wife Laureen also had a surprise visit at the Aragons to sing with the eleven-year-old uprising celebrity. The PM performed John Lennon’s “Imagine” on the piano together with Maria Aragon.

source: http://mariaaragon.ca

Love by the numbers: Fast facts about Filipino relationships

Has Filipino culture really changed through the years? Latest statistics showed that less Filipinos have been tying the knot while more of them have been ending their marriages.

Dr. Romulo Virola, secretary-general of the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), said that in the year 2000, less than half of the country’s population (45.7%) were married. Back in the 80s, he said 50.6% of Filipinos have exchanged “I do’s.”

In 2008, only 50.7% of women aged 15 to 49 were married, down from 54.4% in 1993.

“Has love become more expensive, or is it because Pinoy men of earlier generations had stronger appeal than this Piolo Pascual or Gerald Anderson?” Virola said in his column at the NSCB website.

“Whatever, for those who are looking to tie yourselves with a knot, you know your prospects have gone higher, provided of course, that you are willing to marry anyone who is unmarried,” he added.

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Piolo: ‘Ninoy’ role a dream come true

MANILA – Actor Piolo Pascual said it will be “a dream come true” for him if he is called on to play former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. in an upcoming biopic about former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

Pascual, who is back in Manila after his successful Europe concert with other heartthrobs Sam Milby and John Lloyd Cruz, said that he will consider the project as “one of the biggest gifts” he will ever receive.

“If and when that happens (film role), you know, pangarap na natupad ‘yon at malaking regalo ‘yon para sa akin. It will be really, really interesting. But for now, I’m just focusing on what’s at hand and doon muna tayo,” Pascual said on entertainment show “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon.”

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Piolo on KC: I’ve become a fan

MANILA, Philippines—Piolo Pascual has nothing but praises for KC Concepcion, his new leading lady on the forthcoming ABS-CBN series “Lovers in Paris.”

A day before this exclusive interview held at the launch of his latest endorsement (for Blue Water Day Spa), Piolo had his first taping with KC.

Tough scene

Making things tough, their first scene together involved an emotional outburst. “I had to fire her and she had to cry. But she delivered and I was impressed.”

He described KC as “refreshing” in a role that requires her to wear very little makeup. “She glows. She’s more beautiful without makeup. I’ve become a fan,” he enthused.

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KC admits growing relationship with Piolo

For the first time, actress-singer KC Concepcion finally broke her silence on reports that she is now getting close to hunk actor Piolo Pascual.

“PJ (Piolo’s nick) and I are getting closer I think medyo five or six years din kaming nawalan ng connection if you remember noon mga 18 ako nag- meet kami, “ Concepcion told ABS-CBN’s newest entertainment show “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon,” hosted by Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda.

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Torn between Chard, Piolo

MANILA, Philippines—KC Concepcion didn’t want to talk about Piolo Pascual at first, “out of respect” for current leading man Richard Gutierrez.

In an exclusive interview with Inquirer recently, she explained that her top priority was her movie with Chard, “When I Met U” and that she was pushing “Lovers in Paris,” her forthcoming soap opera with Piolo, to the back burner.

She refrained from watching DVDs of “Lovers in Paris” provided by home network ABS-CBN. “I don’t want to mix up Vivian, my character in ‘Lovers’ with Jenny, my role in ‘When I Met U.’”

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Piolo plans to serve as missionary

THREE years from now, hunk actor Piolo Pascual sees himself in a mission field helping indigent Filipinos.

Piolo said after finishing showbiz obligations, he is thinking of serving less fortunate people in various parts of the country.

“I’m signing a three-year contract with ABS-CBN and then after that I want to go on a mission field. I really want to serve,” he said.

Piolo has been planning to get into the mission field for several times but failed to do so because of hectic schedule. This time, he said, he would want to stand by his word and make sure to get his feet on field in years to come.

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Piolo Pascual raves about Bukidnon

MANILA, Philippines—Piolo Pascual fell in love with Bukidnon while shooting his movie “Love Me Again” with Angel Locsin in the province. It is about two lovers whose romance is rudely interrupted by economic necessity.

“Ibang klase yung calmness na binigay sa akin ng Bukidnon,” said PJ. “Doon ko na-feel na you don’t need material things to enjoy life. Mountains, greens and lakes lang OK na.”

During the last few days of their shoot, PJ opted to sleep in the only house in the middle of the mountains. He then proceeded with a week-long fasting, which ends Jan. 15. Today happens to be his birthday.

PJ’s got it all but he likes to keep it simple. Ah! The incredible uniqueness of being Piolo Pascual![Read More...]

Piolo Wants To Be Reunited With Juday

MANILA — DESPITE the lean physique he shows in his shirtless scenes in “Love Me Again,” Piolo Pascual says he’ll never pose in his underwear like Dingdong Dantes.

“Ayoko po,” he says with a shake of his head. “Showing the upper half of my body, okay lang, but no underwear. I don’t feel that I have to do that.”

What can he say about Dingdong’s being chosen as the 3rd Sexiest Man in the World by E! Channel for this year? “I’m truly happy for him and I’m proud na kababayan natin ang napili nila as one of the sexiest men.”

He feels honored to open 2009 for Star Cinema. “And I feel glad to be appearingin the film with Angel Locsin. Alam ko nang magaling siya after we’ve worked together in ‘Lobo,’ but you’ll see an even better Angel in ‘Love Me Again.’ She gave everything she’s got at tamang-tama lahat ng ibinigay niya.”

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