Ivler pleads not guilty to Ebarle slay

QUEZON City – Jason Ivler, suspect for killing a son of a Malacanang Official, was brought to the Quezon City regional trial court to plea of not guilty of accusations charged to him.

Ivler was in handcuffed in a stretcher when he was brought there yesterday. Under heavy guard of NBI agents and Quezon City policemen. He was also with his mother Marlene Aguilar-Pollar, stepfather Stephen Pollard, two lawyers and a medical team from Quirino Memorial Medical.

Jason Ivler is accused of killing both Renato Ebarle Jr., son of presidential chief of staff undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr., and Nestor Ponce Jr., the underseretary for resettlement.

Judge Alexander Balut set for February 25 the preliminary conference  and for March 2 the pre-trial.


NBI looks for Lacson in China, Taiwan

Ricardo Diaz, deputy director of the National Bureau of Investigation, said agents were following leads the senator was in Taiwan, where he is said to have connections in high places, but “initial verification yielded negative results.”

“We are looking at mainland China, not Taiwan. I cannot give you details but we are verifying our leads that the senator may be in mainland China,” Diaz said.

The senator, who is wanted in connection with the Dacer-Corbito double murder case, flew to Hong Kong in early January then disappeared

NBI Director Nestor Mantaring said Monday he had opened communication lines with Lacson’s lawyers in a bid to convince the fugitive senator to give himself up.

He also disclosed that he was coordinating with the Philippine National Police to put a price on Lacson’s head.

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Jason Ivler was also wanted in U.S.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recieved an information about Jason Ivler having a warrant of arrest in U.S. dated September 9, 2009. This information was sent by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after they requested for a background check on Ivler.

NBI Counter Terrorism Unit, Ricardo Diaz, said the case was about possessing a sedative drug Flunitrazeparm and was wanted by the Nevada Highway Patrol for failure to attend in court hearings. According to Diaz, Ivler appeared at the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and Computerized Criminal History (CCH) database.

Before he face his case in US, Jason Ivler will first face his case here in Philippines and then he will be deported to go to US.Also the US Embassy’s American Citizens Services is looking into the case after an alleged human rights violation committed on Ivler after arresting him.

Ivler was arrestd last Monday on his mothers house in Blue Ridge Subdivision in Quezon City for killing Renato Ebarle Jr., and has a firefight with the authorities. He is now recuperating in Quirino Memorial Medical Hospital after he was wounded.

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Jason Ivler falls

MANILA, Philippines— After several months of hiding, American Jason Ivler, suspect in the killing of the son and namesake of a Malacañang official, was arrested by joint operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police early Monday morning, officials said.

Chief Superintendent Elmo San Diego, Quezon City police district chief, said Ivler, however, resisted arrest and was wounded in a gunfight with authorities.

Ivler sustained four gunshot wounds: the stomach, chest, shoulder, and leg. He is currently being treated at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center.

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DOJ asks NBI to help in probe of shooting of Failon’s wife

MANILA, Philippines - The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) will also look into the shooting of the wife of broadcaster Ted Failon (Teodoro Etong) in their house in Quezon City Wednesday.

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said Thursday that he ordered the NBI, which his department supervises, to join the probe but in a mainly supporting role.

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NBI files graft charges vs former SEC exec

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) yesterday filed graft charges against former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner Jesus Enrique Martinez for allegedly colluding with Legacy Group owner Celso de los Angeles in misappropriating Legacy’s financial resources.

In an interview with the BusinessMirror, State Prosecutor Aileen Marie Guetierrez said the NBI also impleaded Martinez’s son, Jesus Gianpaolo, and Legacy Group of Companies owner Celso de los Angeles in the complaint which stemmed from the testimonies of Legacy fund-scandal witnesses—Carolina Hiñola and Namnama Pasetes—before the Senate.

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OFWs forced to pay bribes to fly out of RP?

At least 500 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) failed to leave for their jobs in the Middle East since the start of the year allegedly for not being able to “shell out grease money” to Bureau of Immigration (BI) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) personnel assigned at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), sources said yesterday.

The Dubai and Kuwait-bound workers, who requested anonymity, said although they were properly documented, airport authorities prevented them from boarding their plane.

NAIA general manager Edgar Manda could not be reached for comment.

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P1.6 M found in DoJ fiscal’s bank book; probe on

More controversy erupted in the Department of Justice (DoJ) yesterday, with the prosecutor linked to the dismissal of the Alabang trio’s drug buy-bust case now in hot water facing yet another investigation after an “anonymous letter” addressed to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) claimed that the state prosecutor had a deposit of P1.6 million in his and his wife’s bank account on Dec. 2, 2008, which was the day the dismissal of the drug charges, which was later followed by the order for the release of the three suspected drug dealers from the posh Alabang Village. The letter, drafted by the suspects’ lawyer, was scheduled to be signed by DoJ Secretary Raul Gonzalez.

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Prosecutor probed on P800T bank deposit

JUSTICE Secretary Raul Gonzalez yesterday ordered the NBI to reopen its probe on John Resado, one of the state prosecutors who dismissed the drug charges against the so-called Alabang Boys after allegedly receiving bribe money.

Gonzalez asked the Anti-Money Laundering Council for advise over the bank deposits of Resado following the circulation of a one-page anonymous letter faxed to his office, and to NBI

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NBI probe of bribery a ‘farce’

And a farce was exactly how the Marine who said “No” to many bribe attempts on him as an enforcer of the law on Tuesday described the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) exonerating a Justice undersecretary and four state prosecutors of bribery allegations.

The Marine officer, Maj. Ferdinand Marcelino of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), had accused officials and prosecutors of the Department of Justice (DOJ) of having been bribed with P50 million by the camp of the “Alabang Boys”—three young men from well-off families suspected of drug-trafficking—in exchange for the release of the three suspects.

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