Shamcey’s “Tsunami Walk” gains attention

After Shamcey Supsup’s third runner-up win in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant, Filipino netizens are now being interested in her catwalk style known as the “tsunami walk”.

Shamcey’s walk was very different and beyond the usual because of the sway of her hips that seems to imitate the movement of waves, thus the name “tsunami walk”.

Missosology, an organization in the country that analyzes beauty pageants, revealed that it was Shamcey’s trainer who coined the new catwalk term.

“Her hips were swaying. It was her Columbian trainor, who didn’t know a lot of English terms, who said that her hips should look like a tsunami” Yel Santos, a “missosologist,” said

For Abbygale Arenas de Leon, a former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe and personality development instructor, what Shamcey did was a unique catwalk skill. “I think it was talent. It was like as if her hips were deteaching from her body. The normal sway would be the hips and the whole body would go together. But Shamcey’s was different. She was walking but her hips were swaying. It was good. It was beautiful”,  Abbygale explained.

With the tsunami style of modeling, Shamcey was able to give a new meaning to personality in beauty pageants. “She [gave] personality not just to herself but also to the outfit that she was wearing. She gave life to her outfit which made it more beautiful. Her dress was flowing, her movements, everything was in place. The truth is, she was becoming more and more beautiful in every segment. I thought she was going to win. “, the former beauty queen shared.

the Philippines is among the Top 15 countries that have brought home the Ms. Universe title. The country has produced two titleholders – Gloria Diaz in 1969 and Margie Moran in 1973.