Justin Bieber Mocks Manny Pacquiao With Offending Photos On Instagram


For some congressman, the offensive pictures of Manny Pacquiao when he fell down posted made by the Canadian singer and teen sensation Justin Bieber on the internet was an open profanity and mockery.

In two photographs uploaded by Bieber’s thru Instagram, Shows the fallen bodies of Philippine pride positioned vertically adjacent next to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson while doing the famous ‘leaning dance step’ that has a caption, “Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ…Classic moment” and the other is the knockout shot on the canvas which in turn adds Lion King Simba cartoon character that pushed to see the bottom of faced down Pacquiao with caption, “Dad wake up”.

In anger of Yacap party list Rep. Carol Jane Lopez, She imposed to ban Bieber in the Philippines and do not allow to re-invoke concert here and appeal to fellow citizen – particularly young people – to sabotage the songs and videos of the young international singer.

According to the lady solon, Bieber allegedly insulted not just Pacquiao on his derision but the entire Filipino so it is right to be declared “persona non-grata,” in the Philippines.

“Sobra naman ang ginawa niya. Ininsulto ang hero ng mga Filipino sa boxing,” Lopez’s statement admitting he didn’t like Bieber’s act towards the fellow Sarangani congressman.

“Dapat lang siyang i-ban dito sa Pilipinas at iboykot ang kanyang mga kanta. Hindi niya alam na mara­ming Filipino ang bumili ng kanyang album tapos ganyan ang gagawin sa isang Pinoy. Kahit hindi si Manny ang kanyang ininsulto, hindi pa rin ito katanggap-tanggap,” Said Lopez.

Lawmakers said that Bieber is taking it personally against the rival of the boxer he’s supporting, Floyd Mayweather Jr.., And Pacquiao.

Bieber had a concert in the Philippines recently and was mobbed by young Filipino so today it is said that he does not owe the fans that included Filipinos who put him in the state he is now.

Everyone knows that Bieber has many Filipino followers on his social media accounts so it is allegedly right to extend to him that fellow countryman of Pacquiao didn’t like what he did.

“Dapat niyang malaman na ang iniinsulto niya ay mahal ng mga Filipino,” According to Lopez.



Charice: I spend my money well. We are used to budgeting our money.

Charice could have achieved another dream – share the stage with Michael Jackson. The “most talented girl in the world” was already rehearsing for her stage appearance with the “gloved one” when the sad news of his death reverberated in all corners of the globe. To sing with the King of Pop was a once in a lifetime chance for Charice.


Music sights and sounds on video

It was while watching Paramore’s The Final Riot! that I got to thinking about this. Pop stars must not only be heard. They should also be seen, most readily in music videos, the promo tool which changed the way we listen to pop music. Now there was actually a time when fans did not even know what their idols looked like. Being attractive helped but looks did not really matter. The admirers were content to just listen.

Not anymore. Aside from having to make efforts to keep their mugs visible everywhere, today’s pop stars must also be able to act through music videos. And while these were in the early days considered merely content for TV shows, these are now also available on video CDs for private viewing.

Fans like getting copies of musicIl Divo videos. I kept a tape copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller for years until the DVD was released. And record companies make sure they supply the demand. Selling videos and live concert footage is a good way to pay for their production cost and a great come-on for fans. They will not only be getting a CD but also freebies in the form of videos, live performances, interviews, photos, etc. etc.

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