Pacquiao, sobber since 2011

Manny Pacquiao couldn’t exactly tell the last time he had a drink–or even a sip–of anything that had alcohol on it. Having drawn inspiration from his religious transformation, Pacquiao is proud to say that he has been sober since 2011.

For somebody who used to drink heavily, gamble a great deal and engage in illicit affairs, avoiding these highly-addictive vices were easily achieved by Pacquiao, citing that God told him in a dream that it was time to mend his ways.

“I can’t remember the last time I drank,” said Pacquiao, staring at the ceiling of his office at the MP Tower in Quiapo, Manila, in search of an answer. Pacquiao tried his best to recall that time, squinting his eyes but there was no answer even after a lengthy pause. “I don’t know when exactly but it (the last time) was probably in the early-second half of 2011.”

For the last 18 or so months, Pacquiao either drank water or protein shakes and stayed away from betting in cockfights and pool halls and spending countless hours in casinos, spending his free time attending to his congressional duties and preaching, urging others to lead a clean life. Even while playing basketball, Pacquiao always reminds his teammates and even players from opposing teams to shun alcohol.

In fact, when Pacquiao celebrated his 34th birthday last December in General Santos City, alcohol was not served and very much unlike in the previous years when classy wine and upmarket liquor flowed freely.

One subordinate has also somehow heeded Pacquiao’s call that he no longer goes out at night to down a few bottles of his favorite brew but does so in the private confines of his living room, away from the eyes of his boss.

Months and months without alcohol hasn’t deterred his resolve and Pacquiao also succeeded in getting rid of his nasty gambling habit and forget about his lascivious lifestyle.

It is for these reasons that Pacquiao is optimistic of his much-awaited ring return in September against a foe who will be named by June. “Walang inom. Walang bisyo,” said Pacquiao. “Ready to fight tayo.” Whether it is going to be his tormentor Juan Manuel Marquez or not, Pacquiao assures everyone he will be back with a bang. Before his interviewer could utter the words, Pacquiao beat him to the punch.

“Yes, we will rise again.”

Justin Bieber Mocks Manny Pacquiao With Offending Photos On Instagram


For some congressman, the offensive pictures of Manny Pacquiao when he fell down posted made by the Canadian singer and teen sensation Justin Bieber on the internet was an open profanity and mockery.

In two photographs uploaded by Bieber’s thru Instagram, Shows the fallen bodies of Philippine pride positioned vertically adjacent next to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson while doing the famous ‘leaning dance step’ that has a caption, “Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ…Classic moment” and the other is the knockout shot on the canvas which in turn adds Lion King Simba cartoon character that pushed to see the bottom of faced down Pacquiao with caption, “Dad wake up”.

In anger of Yacap party list Rep. Carol Jane Lopez, She imposed to ban Bieber in the Philippines and do not allow to re-invoke concert here and appeal to fellow citizen – particularly young people – to sabotage the songs and videos of the young international singer.

According to the lady solon, Bieber allegedly insulted not just Pacquiao on his derision but the entire Filipino so it is right to be declared “persona non-grata,” in the Philippines.

“Sobra naman ang ginawa niya. Ininsulto ang hero ng mga Filipino sa boxing,” Lopez’s statement admitting he didn’t like Bieber’s act towards the fellow Sarangani congressman.

“Dapat lang siyang i-ban dito sa Pilipinas at iboykot ang kanyang mga kanta. Hindi niya alam na mara­ming Filipino ang bumili ng kanyang album tapos ganyan ang gagawin sa isang Pinoy. Kahit hindi si Manny ang kanyang ininsulto, hindi pa rin ito katanggap-tanggap,” Said Lopez.

Lawmakers said that Bieber is taking it personally against the rival of the boxer he’s supporting, Floyd Mayweather Jr.., And Pacquiao.

Bieber had a concert in the Philippines recently and was mobbed by young Filipino so today it is said that he does not owe the fans that included Filipinos who put him in the state he is now.

Everyone knows that Bieber has many Filipino followers on his social media accounts so it is allegedly right to extend to him that fellow countryman of Pacquiao didn’t like what he did.

“Dapat niyang malaman na ang iniinsulto niya ay mahal ng mga Filipino,” According to Lopez.



Sunday shocker

Timothy Bradley scored a split decision over Manny Pacquiao that his fans deemed shockingly bizarre.

The unbeaten American, outfought and outgunned by Pacquiao throughout much of the 12-round bout, took a surprise decision and snatched the WBO welterweight crown from the Filipino superstar before a dejected predominantly pro-Pacquiao crowd at the MGM Grand.

Bradley, who hurt his ankle early in the fight and ended up in a wheelchair after the bout, couldn’t have made it without the help of two of the three judges whose minds, critics believed, were perhaps somewhere else, far outside the arena packed with a lively crowd of 14,206 on Saturday evening here and millions more all over the world.

Pacquiao, fighting like the vintage champion that he was in search of a convincing win after a lackluster performance the last time out, put the pressure on Bradley and was ahead for fans and fight experts’ scorecards.

But the judges saw it otherwise.

Jerry Roth gave it to Pacquiao, 115-113, but C.J. Ross and Duane Ford handed it to Bradley, 115-113, for the split decision.

“It is so bizarre. It is unfathomable,” said Top Rank chief Bob Arum in the post-fight press conference.

Upon hearing the decision, the eyes of the ageless promoter almost popped out of his head. He faced the press box, his arms spread on the ropes, wide-eyed.

Arum was surprised like he’s never been in his life, and it looked like he wanted to leave the ring as soon as possible.

“I have never been ashamed to be associated to the sport of boxing as I am tonight. This is ridiculous. This is absurdity,” he also said, adding that as stipulated in the fight contract, there will be a big rematch. The date already set for Nov. 10.

“I want a rematch. I want a rematch,” said Pacquiao.

Even the winning score for Pacquiao was questioned and contested because it was hard to believe that the fight was really that close.

After ring announcer Michael Buffer read Roth’s winning score for Pacquiao, there was a hush from the crowd. Then Buffer read the scores of Ross and Ford, and after brief pause, he announced Bradley as “the new” welterweight champion of the world.

The crowd, mostly Pacquiao fans, instantly reacted with boos that must have been heard along the famous Strip. Those inside the arena, except for the judges, were stunned, even American mediamen who had Pacquiao winning convincingly.

Pacquiao fans froze from their seats.

“This is the worst boxing decision I’ve seen in my life,” said the former mayor of Manila and one of Pacquiao’s biggest supporters Lito Atienza, on his way out of the arena.

Pacquiao dominated the fight that lasted 12 rounds, giving away more than a couple of rounds at most. He had Bradley in trouble at times, like in the fourth round when the American staggered. But he failed to bring Bradley down even once.

Still, it doesn’t mean that Pacquiao had no right to win the fight. The punch stats were all for the Filipino fighter who hadn’t lost a fight in seven years and three months, when he dropped a bloody decision against Erik Morales in the same MGM ring.

Bradley said he got his second wind in the sixth round, and started to move more, landing occasional punches to Pacquiao’s head and body. In the last three rounds, Bradley became more aggressive because he said that’s what his trainer asked him to do.

He also said he sprained his left ankle as early as the second round. He showed up for the post-fight presser on a wheelchair, and had to leave early to be taken to the hospital for X-Rays.

“I was told by my corner that if I win the final round I would win the fight,” said Bradley, who remained undefeated in 29 fights. He was the WBO junior-welterweight champion, and moved up to challenge Pacquiao.

On his wheelchair, Bradley said he was still “shocked” and didn’t know what to say. But felt that he deserved the victory.

“What do you want me to do?” he replied to one question. “There were judges and two of them felt I won the fight. I’m the new champion. We did it baby. I’m the new champion. Let’s do it again.”

The 33-year-old Pacquiao took only his fourth loss in his career (54-4-2) and how this loss would affect him will be worth watching. He fought a good fight, and was so much in control he often challenged Bradley to come in. He smiled a lot inside the ring.

Pacquiao just couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said in an interview inside the ring. “I did my best but my best wasn’t good enough I guess. I have no problem with the rematch. I will be ready.”

Pacquiao said Bradley never hurt him during the fight, because most of those punches he was able to block with his arms.

Did he feel he won the fight?

“No doubt,” he said.

DOF Chief To Pacman: We Love You, But Please Pay Taxes

“Nobody is exempted from the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) investigation” according to the country’s finance chief. These words are reminding Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao to be aware of what the policies are.

However, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said that the tax agency is not distressing Pacquiao.

“I don’t think the BIR will dare harass an eight-time world champion. I believe this is just the BIR doing its job. No one is exempted from being investigated by the BIR. Even me, they ask for my files. We love Mr. Pacquiao and we respect him and we wish him the best. But at the same time we have a duty to make sure that we review everyone’s income tax return. And I don’t think Congressman Pacquiao should take this personally. I bet you most BIR people are fans of his and this is only the BIR doing its job,” Purisima said.

He also mentioned that the boxing champ doesn’t need to feel uneasiness about the issue if he already paid all his taxes. Also he gave assertion that there would be no double taxation if Pacquiao already paid his compulsions in the US.

“I think what the BIR is doing is to ask for documents because that’s part of the audit of any taxpayer. They’re asking for the amount of the taxes paid in the US and then the amount of taxes and revenue from the Philippines so that they can determine what taxes are due or not. There is no harassment,” he said.

Purisima stated that the BIR would not dare bother Pacquiao who is a “national icon, a national symbol and a national pride.”

He as well urged Pacquiao to give in his minutes to the bureau because it is his obligation as a citizen of the country.

Pacquiao on the other side asserted in a press conference that the charges filed by the BIR were meant to harass him.

Last February, the tax agency filed disrespect charges against the boxing champ for disregarding the BIR’s letters asking him to submit documents to the agency concerning his profits and corresponding tax payments.

A letter of Authority was issued by the BIR’s regional director Rozil Lozares for the boxing icon requesting him to acquire the documents regarding his profits.

Pacquiao’s tax payments significantly dropped to some P7 million in 2009 from P100 million in 2008, according to the tax agency.

Seemingly, Pacquiao disregarded the BIR’s request for documents.

BIR needs to examine 33 tax records including Pacquiao’s annual income tax return in 2010 which comprises his book of accounts, list of assets, as well as his earnings from his fights against Antonio Margarito and Joshua Clottey.

The tax agency also requested Pacquiao to supply them datum of his product endorsements.

The BIR filed a case against the boxing champion at the Office of the City Prosecutor in Koronadal in relation with their ongoing investigation.

Under heavy anxiety to raise incomes, BIR has been moving up efforts to collect taxes.

It is their goal to collect P1.066 trillion this year amount higher than last year’s objective of P940 billion and the actual tax-take of P924 billion.

Manny Pacquiao’s First Fight for 2012

Many Pacquio will be facing his next opponent, the undefeated Timothy “Tim” bradly which is set to take place on June 9th, 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. “Manny Pacquio (54-3-2, 38KO) versus Timothy Bradley(28-0, 13KO).”

Manny Pacquiao is absolutely an international star and his future fights will surely be a huge event. Timothy Bradley has established himself as one of the most talented Boxer nowadays. He established his name in Boxing with his wins over Lamont Peterson, Devon Alexander, Junior Witter, and Kendall Holt.

Boxing fanatics may not feel as thrilled as the much awaited Mayweather-Pacquiao’s fight, but this match could be one of the most memorable fights ever in boxing.

“This is going to be one of the greatest clashes this year because Timothy Bradley is one of the perfect opponents for Manny Pacquiao. He is a very dedicated, disciplined, and hard-working fighter who uses also intelligence in the ring to adapt and overcome whatever adversity he’s faced with.

“During his last fight against Casamayor, Tim Bradley precisely broke down the Cuban veteran over the course of 8 rounds, knocking him down in rounds 5, 6, and 8. He utilized intelligent pressure while using long touch jabs to set up the beautiful searching right hooks to the body which eliminated Casa’s lateral movement and ultimately set up his power shots to the head,” some of the boxing analysts’ opinion.

Pacman’s birthday gift to Jinkee

Who would not want an Island resort for a gift? Jinkee Pacquiao is the luckiest of them all after receiving an island on her 33rd birthday.
Manny along with his family went to the said island by yacht which Pacman bought for P25 million. Pacquiao will rent the whole island from the local government of Kambia, Saranggani for 25 years. They have plans on developing the island into a world class beach resort.
Jinkee said she couldn’t ask for more since his husband have given her what she wanted. “Pinaka-best gift na ibinigay niya sa’ken yung for being a changed man now, yung quality time sa bata, sa amin. And then pagiging malapit sa Diyos, yun ang pinakamagandang gift na binigay niya.”

A number of Congressmen support Pacquiao but none for SEAG athletes

In the wave of the controversial bout of pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, another sports competition is happening on the South East side of the globe. Currently happening in Indonesia is the 26th Southeast Asian Games (SEAG).

But despite the event being an international event, a lot more politicians, especially members of the Philippine Congress showed support for the pound-for-pound king than the 512 Filipino athletes competing in Indonesia.

As reported in the local news, 60 Filipino congressmen were in Las Vegas to watch Pacquiao’s fight wherein Pacquiao even said that they should do a “roll call”, a process done in Congress, since there were a lot of representatives in Vegas. Among the congressmen spotted in Las Vegas were Pangasinan Representative, Gina De Venecia and Manila Representative, Amado Bagatsing.

Meanwhile, not a single congressman has been cheering or showing support for the national athletes. The games is now on its 6th day wherein the Philippines is placing   6th with 14 gold, 22 silver and 28 bronze medals. The most gold medals won by the country was yesterday or Day 5 of the SEAG. The Philippines won a total of 6 models bringing the total gold count to 14.


Manny Pcquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao, the current WBO Welterweight World Champion (Super Champion) and the number one pound-for-pound best boxer in the world is facing another challenge to the almost bygone, retire-comeback-retire again-comeback again Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Michael Koncz said in a previous interview that there is no truth on the said fight and no one in Mayweather’s camp reached him or Bob Arum about it. “How can he set a date, how can he set the venue without consulting your opponent?” Koncz told the veteran sports writer Ronnie Nathanielsz in a boxing magazine.

Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather’s adviser announced that his client is “looking forward to make the biggest fight possible”, “Everybody knows what that fight is, the little fella (referring to Manny Pacquiao)”.

According to Knocz, Mayweather’s just trying  to get attention because Pacquiao-Marquez fight is nearing.  “We have been working on endorsements which are not Mickey Mouse $100,000 but multi-million dollar deals” Koncz further added.

It is the obvious that Mayweather is acting too childish because all attention is all set to Manny Pacquiao. His gibberish style won’t affect anything at all except he rings the bell to fight Pacquiao. This news about Pacquiao-Mayweather fight has been long anticipated, however fans grew tired of waiting for the childish Mayweather’s camp has not decide whether if they are brave enough to fight or not.

Manny Pacquiao has 58 fights, 38 out of 53 Wins was win by knockout, 3 losses, and 2 draws. In addition to his long list of winnings or belts are Light Middleweight, Welterweight, Light Welterweight, Lightweight, Super Featherweight, Featherweight, Fly weight.

Aside from being a professional boxer, Manny is also a government official in the Province of Saranggani in which he was elected as Congressman in May 2010. He is also a singer, host, and an actor in the Philippines.

Manny Pacquiao buys a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia

(photo from

(photo from

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao recently bought a brang new Ferrari 458 Italia. The purchase came three weeks before his fight with Mexican boxer Juan Miguel Marrquez.

The price of the car, which is in color gray, is believed to be worth at least US$225,000 and is now parked at the Filipino champion’s apartment unit at the Palazzo in downtown Los Angeles according to Ed de la Vega.

Just a couple of days ago, the 8-time world champion was checking on a Mercedes Gullwing, which was being sold to him for $210,000. However, it seemed that he chose the 4,499cc V8 Ferrari.

Saranggani Representative Pacquiao is known for having a wide array of expensive cars. Among the high-end cars he uses while moving around Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Philippines include a Porsche, Lincoln Navigator, Escalade, Mercedez Benz and other SUVs which he and his escorts use for official government functions.

Pacquiao’s military promotion creates national stir

The 8th time world boxing champion is now referred to as Lieutenant Colonel Manny Pacquiao as a reserve officer of the Philippine Army.

Pacquiao jumped 5 ranks from being a master sergeant to being a Lieutenant Colonel. He jumped 5 ranks skipping being a chief master sergeant, second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain and major.
The order came from Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. after he signed Pacquiao’s commissioned papers.

Having the position as a Lieutenant Colonel, Pacquiao can now lead a battalion in the army, in case of national emergencies. In addition, even Major Harold Cabunoc, the Philippine army spokesperson now has to salute Lt. Col. Pacquiao.

Being an elected official at ang karangalan na ibinigay ni Pacman sa buong bansa, at of course sa Army, parang hindi sapat na siya lang ay isang senior master sergeant,” said Cabunoc.

But the Philippine law states otherwise. Republic Act 7077 states that any elected official can have a rank of an officer in the reservist force of the Armed forces of the Philippines if the candidate had finished any college degree.

Pacquiao hasn’t finished his studies yet and only has an honorary doctorate degree in Humanities in South Western University. But for the Philippine Army, they are honoring Pacquiao’s honorary doctorate degree.

But according to defense and security expert Dr. Clarita Carlos, an honorary degree and Pacquiao’s being a world champion is not enough to be a commissioned officer of the Philippine Army.

An honorary degree as the term suggests, honorary. It does not confer skills, knowledge and competencies. Kaya nga honorary, binibigay sa iyo ng hindi ka naghirap e,” said Carlos.

Hindi maganda ito. Bakit? Dahil mayroon kang national champion? That’s the problem with us. Ang sense of proportion natin, sobrang baluktot,” she added.

Lt. Col. Pacquiao now has the same rank of Sen. Loren Legarda, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista and former Sen. Dick Gordon, who are also army reservist officers of the Philippine Army.