Tourism Continues To Lift

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is hoping to exceed its forecast 4.5 million tourists this year due to continued increased of number of tourists entering the country that reached 15% gross over the past few months.

It is proudly said by DOT Sec. Ramon Jimenez in the debut held in duty free shop stores at NAIA Terminal 1 yesterday.

Additionally, Korea is still the largest source of tourists who are coming to the Philippines and followed it by the United States and Japan, “But the Asean is the largest already, they are our neighbors.”

“Super Junior” The best boyband today

A boyband is a popular music act consisting male performers. Usually, it consists of 4 to 6 members and they go for pop, rock,hip hop and R&B music genres. Members are expected to dance and sing to their own music.

But how would you consider South Korea’s Super Junior? A boyband or a soccer team? Believe me but this band consists of thirteen multi-talented boys formed by SM Entertainment in 2005.

Super Junior, SJ or SuJu, is composed of Leeteuk who is the bandleader, Kim Heechul, Tan Han Geng, Kim Yesung, Kang-in, Shindong, Lee Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Lee Donghae, Choi Siwon, Kim Ryeowook, Kim Kibum, and Jo Kyuhyun.

This boyband has taken Asia by storm. Has series of super successful concerts. They had wowed their adoring fans and has dished out their own brand of pop music.

SuJu brings with them their state-of-the-art concert gears and equipments to complement the music and to enhance the overall production numbers. The group is well-known for incorporating colorful animation into their live set to play up to the sensibilities of their young fans.

They have huge endorsements deals in and out of South Korea and has made a big influence and impact into Kpop Music.

Korea drops RP to 8th

TIANJIN — It wasn’t a buzzer-beating three-point shot, but the game-winning basket by South Korea felt like a dagger in the back from not too long ago.

The ghost of a heartbreaking loss seven years ago came back to haunt the Philippines Sunday as South Korea’s Yang Dong-Geun scored on a fast break layup with 1.7 seconds left after Powerade-Team Pilipinas missed three straight attempts, lifting his team to an 82-80 victory and a seventh place finish in the 25th FIBA Asia Men’s Championship here.

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