Palace Exec gives the decision to Congress in renaming EDSA

From Highway-54 then a Filipino historian Epifanio de los Santos (EDSA) and now Cory Aquino Avenue?

Yesterday, a senior palace official said that the Malacañang would leave the decision to the Congress in regards of renaming the 24-Kilometer Metro Manila’s main highway- EDSA.

“As far as the Palace is concerned, we all know our President, he does not want to raise… it’s part of the billboard thing.” Presidential Spokesperson Laciera told reporters at a press briefing

“It’s not proper for us to comment. It’s a self serving statement if we are to comment on that. It’s a congressional initiative, let Congress decide on that,” he said. He refused to give further comments on the matter.

In August 2010, President Aquino passed a directive to all Cabinet secretaries and heads of Government Agencies and Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) that as much as possible to try to avoid from associating his personality and identity in their programs and projects. Added to that, President refuses some other government projects to be named after him.

Still, some Filipinos are not onto the fact that EDSA will be renamed to the late Cory Aquino. One commented that it was just like the Marcos days that every Avenue will be named after their family: Mariano Marcos Ave; Imelda Ave and etc.

Palace: Arroyo does not feel threatened

But analysts say Cory’s death spells trouble.

SASMUAN, PAMPANGA — President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo did not feel threatened by the multitudes of people who had gathered for the burial of former President Corazon Aquino on Wednesday, a Malacañang official said here on Thursday.

Analysts, however, say the resurgence of the “people power” movement after the death of Aquino has damaged her political foe, Ms Arroyo.

“We have nothing to be threatened [about],” said the President’s deputy spokesperson, Lorelei Fajardo. “We’re happy to see that our people have shown their support and love for our nation again and that’s a good sign.”

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Millions bid President Cory goodbye

Wednesday’s final ceremonies for the late former President Corazon Aquino was a fitting tribute to arguably the country’s most adored public figure in modern Philippine history.

The two-hour grand concelebrated requiem mass led by the Aquino family’s close friend, Bishop Socrates B. Villegas of the Diocese of Balangue, was moving, both in terms of its solemnity and tributes in song rendered by some of the country’s most popular artists, including world-renowned stage and music performer, Lea Salonga whose rendition of “Bayan Ko,” left no dry eye inside the Cathedral.

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Cory’s trademark chicken liver pâté

MANILA, Philippines – Four months ago, there was a news report that said that former president Corazon Aquino, despite her illness, had managed to cook one of her specialties—chicken liver pâté.

It was said that she cut the meat herself and did the peeling, slicing, and chopping of ingredients. She sautéed the onions in olive oil and butter and seasoned them with herbs and spices.

The secret of her delicious pâté?

“She used red wine and added cinnamon,” says Bernadette Herrera-Dy, Quezon City councilor, a neighbor on Times Street and a wedding godchild of Aquino. She says Aquino would give her and husband, Allan, the pâté every Christmas since she became their sponsor in 2001.

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Confetti spirit revived

The spirit of the 1986 EDSA revolt was re-awakened as yellow confetti poured down from the highrise buildings along Ayala Avenue in Makati City and EDSA as the funeral motorcade of the late President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino passed on its way to Manila Cathedral Monday morning thru afternoon.

After a mass held by Tarlac Bishop Florentino Sinence in La Salle-Greenhills Gymnasium, the casket of the former President was placed in a 10-wheel truck filled with flowers  hich slowly moved towards EDSA as confetti poured from buildings and overpasses. Workers came out from their offices, students from their schools, and motorists and pedestrians joined the chanting of “Cory, Cory.”

While the convoy moved, people from different walks of life didn’t hesitate to show their respect for the late President. Participants in the convoy brought placards that read: “Cory Mahal Ka Namin! Hindi ka Nag-iisa! Salamat!” They wore yellow ribbons or head bands.

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Malacañang apologizes over ‘withdrawal’ of Cory PSG men

Malacañang apologized Monday over an apparent foul-up in the security detail of former president Corazon Aquino, which her youngest daughter Kris Aquino-Yap revealed in a tearful television interview Sunday.

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, who is with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in New York,
said the Palace is investigating the matter.

“We would like to apologize to the family for any inconvenience or any misunderstanding it has caused,” he said in an interview on dzXL.

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Will Arroyo do a Cory in her last SONA?

Cory said ‘Paalam’ in final SONA..

Former President Corazon Aquino herself was being prodded to run for a second term as her stay in Malacañang was about to end.

It was explained to Aquino that the single-term limit did not apply to her since she did not come to power under the present Constitution that bars presidents from seeking reelection.

“But my answer was a categorical no,” Aquino remembers telling advisers in an essay in her book In the Name of Democracy and Prayer, an anthology of her selected speeches published in 1995.

“I had not been inaugurated under the present Constitution and it did not bind me in strict terms, but I had campaigned for it and therefore took upon myself the moral obligation to follow, if not its letter then its spirit, that a presidency must accomplish its goal within six years.”

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The President’s men

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile pooh-poohs concerns over President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s continuing appointment of retired military and police officials to significant positions, saying in effect that these people posed no danger to the supremacy of the civilian government. That’s par for the course coming from a man with an interesting past — a defense minister and martial law enforcer who is now a senator of the realm, who was a key figure of EDSA People Power I uprising but eventually became a considered thorn in the side of the Corazon Aquino administration, and who was and is looked up to by known coup plotters and others who at one time or another swore by the swift, sharp wonders of a putsch.
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