Maria Continues to Soar Up High


YouTube sensation Fil-Canadian wonder Maria Aragon now also known as Baby Gaga, is still soaring up in clouds as she still continuing to ride her dreams after her “Born this way” duet with her discoverer Lady Gaga.

Maria Aragon is non-stop, besides her guest appearances in radio stations in Canada and a number of covers post on YouTube that from time to time is collecting thousands of likes and comments, also had the time meeting her idol, a Tony Winner, and a Filipino pride Lea Salonga at The Inn at the Forks last March 17, who is so much excited to express her big impression with Maria’s acapella rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit that merited million likes and recognition all over the world.

Young girl Maria is also seen at the hunk actor Piolo Pascual’s first solo concert at Toronto, Canada.

“Now that I’m gonna be singing with Piolo Pascual and I have his signature on this hat. This hat is really very special. I have a lot of family there. I can see he’s really very nice,” she said in an interview aired on “Bandila,” March 29.

Aragon, who was born and raised in Canada, hopes to visit the Philippines soon. The Aragons have not visited the country since they migrated to Canada in 1997.

“I’m kind of giving it a thought, too. We have a lot of family there,” Aragon said. (from

The young Maria express her gratitude, long thank you and love you message to Lady Gaga, as the singer celebrated her 25th birthday, March 28, by singing her own version of the pop superstar’s hit “Born This Way.” Having this lyrics:

“Your mama told you when you were young you were born as superstar, coz you’re beautiful on your way coz god makes no mistake, you’re on the right track baby you were born on this day, mother must say you were born on this day, …ohh there ain’t no other day, gaga you were born this day, gaga you were born this day,(born this day), ohh there ain’t no other day, gaga you were born this day, ‘right track baby you were born on this day. Your mama told you when you were young you were born as superstar,”posted also that day.

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“Happy birthday Lady Gaga and I hope you enjoyed my little fixed version of ‘Born This Way’ a little bit of happy birthday. I hope you enjoy your 25th birthday and I hope that you have more than 25 years to come. I just really love you for the way you are. I hope you really stay Gaga and hopefully I get to see you again. And I wanna wish you more luck, more support and I just wanna say thank you because without you I would be nothing here playing my piano. I wouldn’t have been wearing this shirt or I wouldn’t get this hat. I wouldn’t post this video up. Just thank you and I love you and happy birthday,” as she added after singing.

Also, Prime Minister Stephen Harper with his wife Laureen also had a surprise visit at the Aragons to sing with the eleven-year-old uprising celebrity. The PM performed John Lennon’s “Imagine” on the piano together with Maria Aragon.

source: http://mariaaragon.ca

Maria represents what this song is all about – Lady Gaga

Maria Aragon, a 10 yr.old YouTube singing sensation of Winnipeg performed with her idol, outrageous chart-topping singer Lady Gaga, during a sold-out concert in Toronto on Thursday night (Friday, March 4, Manila time).

The grade-school student, who caught Gaga’s attention after posting a cover of “Born This Way” online, sang the American pop star’s hit single with her about an hour into the show at the Air Canada Centre.

Maria strode out dressed in shiny black pants, a pink shirt and a white hat.

“I’m really excited that Maria is here today, because Maria represents what this song is all about,” Gaga said.

“It’s all about the next generation and the future, and no more divisiveness.”

The 10-year-old sat on her idol’s lap at the piano and the pair performed to a roaring, cheering crowd.

Gaga, who called Aragon “Lady Maria from Winnipeg,” was in tears after the young performer left the stage.

“Lady Maria really belted it out,” CBC reporter Sheila North Wilson said from the concert. “The crowd loves her.”

Maria Aragon says it was “so great” to sit at the piano with Lady Gaga. She says Gaga’s Toronto fans made her feel welcome onstage.

After the duet, Maria thanked her family and friends for their support before heading offstage.

“I’m just really grateful to all of you.”

The young singer popped out again during the encore, joining Gaga for a final dance. At a news conference after the show, Aragon said the dance was spontaneous and hadn’t been rehearsed.

“She got me all pumped up and she made me so comfortable, so I just started dancing,” Maria said. “It was for the crowd.”

The self-taught musician said she was comfortable onstage, but the whole experience was a bit overwhelming.

“Lady Gaga is really big and she’s so amazing,” the Winnipegger told reporters after the show. “Being supported how she was supported up there made me feel really great.”

Maria’s catapult to fame began last month after she posted to YouTube a simple video of herself singing and playing keyboard to “Born This Way.”

Gaga herself viewed the video and shared it with her millions of Twitter followers, noting: “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.”(


To see the video: Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Original) ft. Maria Aragon – Live Monster Ball Tour 2011 – Toronto