Lucy Hale, a new endorser of Bench

The Pretty Little Liars star is the new face of HerBench clothing line.

An event was organized in SMX Convention Center last February 11 to announce Lucy as the new endorser of HerBench’s new Americana style clothing.

“It perfectly describes my style,” said Lucy.

The young Hollywood actress said that playing the role of Aria, made her absorbed the fashion style of the character.

“I think that since I started the show, I’ve seen Aria’s style. It’s sort of Lucy may have transformed in Aria.

And just like any other girl, Lucy loves to shop. She said that she’s open to endorsing Bench accessories if it has its own line. Speaking of shopping, being an endorser means you can shop at Bench anywhere at any cost. Lucy and his stylist Scott Cunha shopped at one of Bench stores and they bought a lot.

“You mean, what did I not get? I got swimsuits, underwear, bras, jeans, shirts, hats, skirts, and this jumper thing. And Scott got all the men’s underwear, every single pair — maybe 20 pairs of underwear (laughs). He seriously needs to be the next endorser for Bench Body.”

Lucy Hale also gave tips to petite girls like her.

“I know for me, I can’t wear certain lengths because of proportions, like I can’t wear over-the-knee boots cause I want to appear taller. So I guess it’s all about finding what works for your body but at the same time — and it all sounds contradictory — but don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to try new things. That’s sort of like my motto.”

Lucy told Pretty Little Liars fans that this season will be an exciting one because they will get to know finally who is “A.”

“I think some will be surprised, some will probably be not surprised at all. But we’re gonna know who ‘A’ is. I think you guys cannot wait to see the finale.”

The smile that refreshes

Coca-Cola jumpstarts the year by harnessing optimism among the youth. What makes the brand unique is how it brings out a youthful enthusiasm in everyone, making it perfect for any occasion and celebration whether with the barkada or the family.

Coca-Cola, in collaboration with global retail brand Bench, launched the “Drink Coke, Wear a Smile Every Day” promo, a partnership that aims to give every Filipino youth more reasons to smile. Also launched were shirts that reinforce Coca-Cola’s message of refreshing optimism.

The brand, together with Bench, recently kicked off the year by presenting a fashion show. Guests gathered at the B6 on Bonifacio High Street, which was transformed into a hip underground warehouse club. The Coke Smile Ambassadors, role model teens who aim to inspire the youth to “live a life of smiles and optimism,” were formally introduced at the event.

At the runway show, as a gesture of doing away with bad vibes, models tore off their white “negativity” shirts to reveal their Coke Smile Statement Shirts underneath, a collaborative venture with Bench.

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