Anti-Angry Birds Bill bill a hoax

Following the controversial Anti Planking Act, Filipino Netizens again aired their sentiments over Twitter about an alleged bill that aims to ban products of the online game “Angry Birds”.

Dubbed as the “Anti-Angry Birds Bill”, the news went viral after a news was posted on a satrical website called “So, What’s News?”.  The article states that the bill will be sponsored by Quezon City Representative Winston Castelo who is also known as the representative who wanted to file the Anti-Planking Act of 2011.

According to the article, Castelo got the idea for the bill when he went Christmas shopping. Complaining over the popularity of Angry Birds in various line of products. “Everywhere I looked, ‘Angry Birds’ this, ‘Angry Birds’ that! Where is the product diversity? Shouldn’t the DTI be monitoring this?” the representative supposedly said.

“This is why this bill is even more important than my own Anti-Planking Bill. I hope that my colleagues here at Batasan will support this bill,” Castelo said, according to the website.

In a Facebook message to GMA News Online, Castelo said he finds the satirical Angry Birds Bill funny and amusing and claims the news is hoax.

“So What’s News?” is a website that aims “to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organizations’ partisan, biased, and depressing way of presenting the news.”

On the other end, informed Twitter users urged other Twitter users to check their facts and sources first before reacting and reposting false and unverified information online.