World’s largest captive crocodile is in the Philippines

Lolong in captivity

Lolong in captivity

A male crocodile, named by Bunawan residents as “Lolong”, has now claimed the title as the world’s largest captive crocodile.

The certification came after an Australian Zoologist, Adam Britton arrived in the small Philippine town of Bunawan in Agusan, an island in Southern Mindanao. The saltwater reptile measured 6.2 meters or 20 feet and 2 inches. However, Lolong’s weight and the size of its girth were not yet measured.

According to Bunawan town council member Apollo Canoy, they are happy they have the largest crocodile in the world.

Canoy added that Britton was also the same expert who measured the former largest captive crocodile, Cassius, a 5.48 meter Australian saltwater crocodile. Cassius currently holds the Guinness record as the largest in captivity.

“So far we have not had any contacts with Guinness, and we do not know whether they plan to visit us soon,” Canoy said, adding that Britton measured the Bunawan crocodile at its pen for a foreign television station.

According to the Guinness website, officials are already checking the validity of the crocodile and verifying the claim that the record was broken.

Lolong, was captured in the Agusan marsh after a 3-week manhunt following an attack that killed two residents and several farm animals. However, no trace of human victims has been found in its gut.
Since in captivity, Lolong has already attracted 27,000 people and drawing an average of 500 visitors a day.