Claudine bares her inner cook

With a number of films and teleseryes that she’s made, it’s easy to say that we have seen all of her. She has practically grown right before our eyes, and it’s hard to deny that she’s always been part of our TV lives. From a teen sensation, to an award-winning actress, and now a wonderful mother and wife, Claudine Barretto’s graceful transformation is indeed amazing and moving.

But we sure haven’t seen it all, until Claudine has chosen to be a realista.

“A realista is someone who’s practical and resourceful, and will never compromise quality more than anything,” Claudine answered when asked what realista means. And this “realista side” of her has indeed manifested as she endorses new Knorr Real Sarap All-in-One Seasoning Mix.

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Baron gets ready for rehab

MANILA, Philippines—Controversial actor Baron Geisler said he would once again seek professional medical assistance for his alcohol dependency after he lost a regular stint in a weekly TV show.

Baron, 26, said he is scheduled to meet with his doctor anytime this week.

Baron made the announcement during a recent lunch gathering for Purple Box apparel, which he endorses, admitting that he lost what could have been a regular slot on TV5’s horror series “Midnight DJ” because he arrived drunk on the set.

“My girlfriend broke up with me the night before the taping,” related Baron, who has been doing guesting stints on the show. “I got depressed. I had a few drinks before going to work. But I don’t get drunk every time there’s work — only when I’m depressed. I know it shouldn’t be an excuse, though.”

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Rich reaches for her dream

The list of this year’s participants to the prestigious Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant got some showbiz attention after “Starstruck” beauty Rich Asuncion joined its roster. Aside from the honor of qualifying, it was a proof to critics that the lady is on her way to following the footsteps of prominent showbiz personalities with beauty queen tags.

Rich is more than just a pretty face. Starstruck 4’s First Princess is a movie and TV star. She has a Regal Films contract and has appeared in a number of GMA series, including last year’s “Kamandag” and “Boys Next Door” and the more recent “Magdusa Ka” and “Lalola.” She is a part of the GMA Artist Center where she is honing her talents as a rising star.

She joined – and won – several beauty contests before the limelight beckoned.

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Toni reveals why there’s no Sam-Toni

ACTRESS-singer Toni Gonzaga spilled the beans why there was never a Sam Milby-Toni love affair.

Toni said after they filmed the movie “You Are The One” in 2005, they both became busy with their respective careers.

“We became busy then. He did ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’ and I was busy with my own commitments also. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? But in our case absence makes the heart go wander,” Toni said in jest during the launching of their new collaborated album “Love Duets.”

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Falling in Love with Rachelle Ann

Rachelle Ann Go balked upon being asked to record Feelings, the Morris Albert composition that became a monster hit during the late ’70s for her new album. The song was just too big, too phenomenal in sales and popularity that there came a point when people just refused to listen to Feelings anymore. That was also the reason why the song became the butt of jokes worldwide. People said they found its simple lyrics corny. You know how it goes, Feelings, nothing more than feelings, and its inane unrealistic sentiments. Truth to tell, Rachelle Ann’s bakit ‘yon reaction had already been heard and will surely be heard again many times in the future even from singers who only know the song by its reputation.

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Sarah Geronimo sings to girl with cancer

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines—A 13-year-old girl whose cancer has spread to her lungs smiled again for a brief moment on Sunday as her idol, singer-actress Sarah Geronimo, sang to her over the cellular phone.

Metos Lachica of the village of Don Salvador Benedicto, Pontevedra, Negros Occidental would have flown to Manila to meet Geronimo but this was ruled out because of her current state of health.

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Foods to fight insomnia

SOMEWHERE along the way we forget the basic truths handed down to us by our parents. Here are some:

Mind your greens

To many, the word “healthy” means tasteless and unappetizing. If you don’t enjoy vegetables, chances are, the sight of a salad would turn you off.

Vegetables are called longevity and immunity foods. Like high-octane fuels, they prevent premature aging and the onset of diseases. Loaded with calcium and minerals, they promote bone strength, prevent weight gain, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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Piolo on KC: I’ve become a fan

MANILA, Philippines—Piolo Pascual has nothing but praises for KC Concepcion, his new leading lady on the forthcoming ABS-CBN series “Lovers in Paris.”

A day before this exclusive interview held at the launch of his latest endorsement (for Blue Water Day Spa), Piolo had his first taping with KC.

Tough scene

Making things tough, their first scene together involved an emotional outburst. “I had to fire her and she had to cry. But she delivered and I was impressed.”

He described KC as “refreshing” in a role that requires her to wear very little makeup. “She glows. She’s more beautiful without makeup. I’ve become a fan,” he enthused.

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CICT creates unit to reform e-gov’t fund

MANILA, Philippines–The Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) has formed a unit meant to reform disbursement of funds for government information and communications technology projects.

This unit will use e-government fund guidelines drafted by Bearing Point, a foreign management and consulting firm managing the E3 project.

E3 is a five-year, $9.92 million project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) that targets social services projects using information technology.

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How to look your best in swimwear

SUMMER is the time of year people exercise more and eat less to look better, or at least fit in their swimwear.

As early as now, think of ways to maintain or improve your “beach body.”

Consider time frame

Can you achieve your beach body in 4-6 weeks just like what fitness books and magazines claim?

If you are aiming for 4-8 lbs in a month, you have greater chances of looking your best in your beach photos.

But if you want to lose 20 lbs in a month, it would take time. But do not lose hope, because what’s more important is you are making an effort to improve your health.

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