Ivler pleads not guilty to Ebarle slay

QUEZON City – Jason Ivler, suspect for killing a son of a Malacanang Official, was brought to the Quezon City regional trial court to plea of not guilty of accusations charged to him.

Ivler was in handcuffed in a stretcher when he was brought there yesterday. Under heavy guard of NBI agents and Quezon City policemen. He was also with his mother Marlene Aguilar-Pollar, stepfather Stephen Pollard, two lawyers and a medical team from Quirino Memorial Medical.

Jason Ivler is accused of killing both Renato Ebarle Jr., son of presidential chief of staff undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr., and Nestor Ponce Jr., the underseretary for resettlement.

Judge Alexander Balut set for February 25 the preliminary conference  and for March 2 the pre-trial.


Manny: So I’m wealthy? I earned it

CALAMBA, Laguna – Nacionalista Party standard bearer Manny Villar said on their rally that his wealth is the fruit of his labor, after critics who tried to  impute malice about his rise from poverty.

“Marami ang pilit (na) sumisira sa aking pangalan. Sabi nila’y ako ay masyado daw mayaman. Saan daw galing ang yaman ko? Pilit nilang nilalagyan ng malisya ang pag-ahon ko mula sa kahirapan. Magpapayaman pa daw ako pag nanalo. Babawiin ko daw ang ginagastos ko sa kampanya,” Villar told supporters at the NP rally at the town plaza.

Villar said he would have rather be a businessman if he wants to enrich himself, instead of joining politics.

“Mahirap bang isipin at sikmurain na ang isang dating mahirap ay naghahangad mangarap sa pagkapangulo? Di ba pwedeng umahon at mangarap ang tulad naming galing sa hirap? Dahil ba galling ako sa hirap kaya ako hinuhusgahan?” he said.

They started their campaign here, birthplace of country’s national hero Jose Rizal, to remind people that the freedom Jose Rizal had fought for is being obliterated by extreme poverty.

Present at the rally were MIriam Defensor-Santiago, Pia Cayetano, Susan Ople, Liza Maza, Bongbong Marcos, Gwen Pimentel, Adel Tamano, Martin Querubin representing his detained father Col. Ariel Querubin, Ssatur Ocampo and Gilber Remulla. Among showbiz personalities present were Wowowee host Willie Revillame, Edgar Mortiz and Raymond Gutierrez.

At least 6,000 people at the plaza were estimated by NP Officials.


What are cellphone jammers?

Every elections, controversies arised about the expected sabotage on election process. And in the incoming automated national  election, unconfirmed reports have surfaced about the large amount of cellphone jamming devices that were shipped in the country. Although these devices are usual, but what they are worried is the possibility that it will be used to sabotage the incoming election because of it was shipped during the election period.

Comelec spokeperson James Jimenez had said they are prepared with setbacks, such as loss of cellphone signals and made countermeasures for them on Election Day.

How does a cellphone jamming device works? A cellphone is a two-way radio used for communication. It receives and transmits radio frequency simultaneuosly, making it possible for the parties to listen and talk at the same time. And cellphone jamming devices transmits signals at a similar frequency as the cellphone. Thus, blocking the frequencies from reaching the nearest cell tower and disrupting the transmissions. Making the election be sabotage.


Jason Ivler was also wanted in U.S.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recieved an information about Jason Ivler having a warrant of arrest in U.S. dated September 9, 2009. This information was sent by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after they requested for a background check on Ivler.

NBI Counter Terrorism Unit, Ricardo Diaz, said the case was about possessing a sedative drug Flunitrazeparm and was wanted by the Nevada Highway Patrol for failure to attend in court hearings. According to Diaz, Ivler appeared at the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and Computerized Criminal History (CCH) database.

Before he face his case in US, Jason Ivler will first face his case here in Philippines and then he will be deported to go to US.Also the US Embassy’s American Citizens Services is looking into the case after an alleged human rights violation committed on Ivler after arresting him.

Ivler was arrestd last Monday on his mothers house in Blue Ridge Subdivision in Quezon City for killing Renato Ebarle Jr., and has a firefight with the authorities. He is now recuperating in Quirino Memorial Medical Hospital after he was wounded.

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Constitution prohibits GMA to appoint the next Chief Justice- Fr. Bernas

Constitutionalist Fr. Joaqiun Bernas said on dzBB that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo cannot appoint the next chief justice without violating the Constitution. Mrs. Arroyo cannot make any appointments within 60 days before her term expires on June 30 this year.

The current Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno will be leaving the position on May 17, thus  making the position available. Fr. Bernas said that the next president will have enough time to appoint the successor of Chief Justice Puno. But he also points out that the Constitution allow only 90 days of vacancy and the next president should filed within that period.

Fr. Bernas added that any of the associate justice can take over the vacany in acting position.
However, Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) can only send the list of successor  on or after May 17 and it would be up to the next president’s decision.

But Pres. Arroyo’s election lawyer Romulo Macalintal argued that the constitution is not absolute on its prohibition to appoint any officials within two months.

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DFA confirms 2 fatalities in Haiti’s earthquake.

Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed the death of two Filipino’s in the magnitude-7 earthquake that devastates Haiti last week. The two Filipino’s were known as Jerome Yap, a UN Staffer in Haiti and Pearlie Panagui, a clerk in the Office of the Force Commander at Minustah.

Yap’s body, along with the body of Luis Carlos Da Costa, which Yap served as executive assistant, were both found in buried in the building of UN Stabilization Mission that collapsed caused by the earthquake.

While Navy Petty Officer3 Pearlie Panagui was in the 2nd floor of Christopher Hotel where her remains found by rescue operators.

Lieutenant Colorner Romeo Brawner Jr. said there are Filipinos’ still missing, namely Air Force Sergeant Janice Arocena and Army Sergeant Eustacio Bermudes Jr.  Another Filipina, Geraldine Calican, is still trapped in the Caribbean Supermarket. On the other hand, two Filipinas, Grace Fabian and Aurora Aguinaldo, were saved from the Supermarket.

Only 165 FIlipinos out of 700, including 172 are confirmed safe and alive. And Lt. Col. Brawner said all efforts are being done to rescue those who are still missing and hoping more lives will be save.

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Erap visited Malacanang after nine years.

Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrade made his first visit to Malacanang Palace after nine years. Erap made a statement that after six months, he will return to the Palace.

The National Security Council invited Estrada to talk about the incoming national automated election. Also about the dismantling of private armies and recovery loose firearms.

Estrada expressed he was glad to have a chance to share his opinions and advice regarding the peace and order. But he point out that he’s not so excited about the visit.

Estrada showed his excitement over the first national automated election and he wants to ensure that no failure of election will happen.

The meeting between President Arroyo and Estrada was described as “cordial”, by Press Secretary Cerge Remonde and Secretary to the Cabinet Silvestro Bello III. Arroyo and Estrada were seated beside each other. Bello said that no one could hear what they were talking about.

Press Secretary Remonde was asked if Estrada’s presence was a clear indication to reconcile with the administration, he said “President Estrada, in fairness to him, has always said that he will support those whom he believes, he agrees with. In other words yung tinatawag na critical collaboration or constructive engagement. And I think the former president has been a statesman in that way.”