A More Positive Outlook on Philippine Economy, Claim Polls

More Filipinos are optimistic that their lives and the economy will improve this year, as those who said their lives became better in the past year also rose, a new poll showed.

Personal and economic optimism were found to be “high” and “very high” based on results of the Dec. 8-11 Social Weather Stations survey originally published in BusinessWorld Monday.

Of the 1,200 adults surveyed nationwide, 37 percent expect their lives to improve in 2013 while only 8 percent see things getting worse. This brought the net personal optimism score to +29, up from +27 in the August 2012 survey. Net economic optimism also jumped two points to +19 percent, with 33 percent of respondents optimistic and 14 percent pessimistic.

Change in the quality of life in the past year, meanwhile, was “fair” based on results of the SWS survey. This, as 25 percent of Filipinos reported improved quality of life versus 32 percent who claimed otherwise. The ABC class as well as the “masa” or class D posted “very high” personal optimism scores of +40 and +30 respectively. Class E respondents had a slightly less rosy outlook, but personal optimism in this class remained “high” at +24.

Metro Manila respondents remained most optimistic among with “very high” scores despite a one-point drop to +35.¬†Optimism was also “very high” at +35 in balance Luzon and “high” at +23 in Visayas. Mindanao posted a “fair” optimism score of +19, however.

In terms of the economy, “very high” optimism scores have been recorded across all classes: +28 among the ABC, +19 among the masa and +16 among the class E respondents.

Mindanao posted the lowest economic optimism score of +9 or “high” compared to “very high” scores in all other areas. Economic optimism was recorded at +21 in Metro Manila, +26 in balance Luzon and +11 in the Visayas.

The ABC class posted the highest net percentage of gainers over losers at +29 or “very high.” It stayed “fair” at +7 among the masa and “mediocre” at -17 among class E respondents.

Area-wise, meanwhile, net gainers remained “fair” in Metro Manila at -7 and in balance Luzon with a net zero. It also stayed “mediocre” in Visayas (-13) and Mindanao (-18).

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