Tax Revolt Vs Sin Tax

Along with the Sin Tax bill surely the bicameral conference committee, over 5,000 militant workers and sellers rush out of the Lower House of Congress at the National Assembly to demand the abolition of such measures.

Carrying banners with the slogan “Tax Reform o Tax Revolt!”, “Tax Revolt Laban sa Regresibong Sistema ng Pagbubuwis!”, “Bicam-Bayaran ng Sabwatang P-Noy, Belmonte at Danding!”, Gathered in front the Sandiganbayan place at 10: 00 am the onset of labor as many passenger cars since the different cities followed the march to National Assembly which made their program.

According to Gie Relova, secretary-general of the bind together Filipino Workers, National Capital Region and Rizal Chapter (BMP-NCRR), the bicameral committee meeting just shows, he said, how corrupt  the political system process by large corporation that serves as a proof how the capitalists and politicians are working together to develop a law on getting the labors of others.

Defined on this, is the movements dictated by powerful legislators capitalist of tobacco and alcohol raising or lowering their tax component targeted by the government from such products.

In the version of the House, 85-15 in which larger tax imposed on cigarettes, while for the Senate, 60-40, and also cigarettes still larger levy.


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