Senate Proceed With Sin Tax Deliberations


The Senate resumed affair Tuesday with deliberations on the sin tax bill accepted to be accomplished and the measure polled on.

Senator Franklin Drilon told reporters Monday that one of the analytically credibility of the sin tax bill- the P40 billion accumulating ambition from added taxes on tobacco and liquor articles was already agreed aloft by senators in a caucus.

“We will take up the amendments that will generate P40 billion; and then, we will take up other amendments principally on some corrections necessary because of the language; and we will receive amendments on the distribution of the incremental revenue”, Drilon said.

“After that, we will vote on second and third readings. There is no more issue on the amount that will generate P40 billion; and that is voted upon on the plenary,” he added.

Urgent as the previous week, President Benigno Aquino III has certified the bill permitted it to be pushed through on second and third readings in one day.


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