Libya Under Review: Deployment Of Filipino Workers To Iraq

Yesterday Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz  stated that the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) might amend the previous non-certification of the two countries.

The remaining 19 countries yet to get approval from the POEA governing board required under the Amended Migrant Workers Act, Libya and Iraq are among them.

Sending of Filipino workers to countries without certification as a safe destination by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is restricted by law.

Baldoz said the DFA has certified these countries following the recommendation of the Congressional Committee on Overseas Welfare Affairs.

Under the qualification, the POEA may continue to deploy OFWs to these countries, while the DFA continues to negotiate for the better protection of household service workers.

Of the 203 countries hiring OFWs, the DFA has certified 184 countries.

Previously, the DFA declared 41 hiring countries including Iraq as non-complaint, but eventually withdrew the non-certification and sought a three-month deferment in the implementation of the deployment ban.

A new requirement for a host country to be considered compliant is for it to have an existing bilateral agreement with the Philippine government.

Early this year, however, the government allowed deployment of returning workers to Libya.


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