New Quezon City Jail Facility For Inmates With TB

The overcrowded jail in Quezon City  will minimize the victim of Tuberculosis because it will enlarge the needed space and services for close of 150 inmates that currently stricken with tuberculosis (TB).

According to Quezon City Warden Joseph Vela, the 5 rooms of infirmary that has been build last December 2011 are for the patient who acquired Tuberculosis under the category of 4,2 and 1.

Each of the following patient will have their own beds, personal cabinets, chairs, while they are in jail. There is also a comfort room, lavatory, blower and 2 Ultra Violet (UV) lights for the sanitation of air.

Jail infirmary in Quezon City realized that, the very first controlled jails of Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) are complete in Medical Assistance, like personal nurse and caregivers that will take care of the said patient.

It also have medicine cabinets, comfort room, lavatory, refrigerator for medicine, water dispenser, executive chairs, push cart for medicine and UV lights for protection of the personnel from acquiring the said illness.

On the other hand, the said infirmary renovation are signed last Saturday where in BJMP-NCR Director S/Supt. Romeo Vio, Officer-in-Charge C/Supt. Diony Mamaril and World Health Organization (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Office Medical Officer Dr. Katsunori Osuga attended the said turn over ceremony .

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