No Spitting Bill, Soon In PH

Aliance of Volunteer Educators party-list Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay filed that there will be no spitting here in the Philippines under House Bill 5901. This act of spitting will not just be a dirty little act anymore instead, it will be a crime soon. This bill carries a penalty of six months in jail and a fine.

First offense amounts to P500,  and it increases up to P2,000 based on the offenses that have made and it is until third offense. They are also required to attend seminar spearheaded by the Department of Health.

“While anti-spitting laws have been in existence in a number of jurisdictions like Singapore, India, Malaysia, and China, only Davao City has vigorously implemented a similar law in the country since 2010,” said by Rep. Magsaysay.

In 2003, when there is a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) scare, this policy was implemented in Metro Manila by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) but the public insist and it stayed as a practice.

This policy aims to prevent the spread of tuberculosis, hepatitis, and other diseases.

Based on World Health Organization report, the lawmaker said around 75 Filipinos die of tuberculosis each day. “Mycobacterism tubercolosis, the bacteria which causes TB, can survive in a dried state for weeks up to eight months. Spitting has been identified as one of the factors in the spread of TB,” Rep. Magsaysay said.

According to the DOH, TB is the sixth leading cause of illness and the sixth leading cause of death in the Philippines. A National TB Program is trying to detect at least 70 percent of active TB cases and cure at least 85 percent of those cases.  The program “will eventually result to the decline of the TB problem in the Philippines,” DOH said.

There will be a counterpart bill that has to  be filed in the Senate.

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