MMDA’s New Pair Of Eyes: Mobile Metrobase

Early enough for the Holy Week migration, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is enlarging its vision to traffic hotspots not comprised by its closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) with the help of its newly launched “Mobile Metrobase.”

A black Hyundai Starex van with customized interiors equipped with TV screens, a microwave antenna, and a camera capable of a 360-degree view, this is the agency’s newest pair of electronic eyes who was then presented by MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino last Tuesday.

“We just took advantage of the existing technology, equipment and software in modifying the vehicle to suit our needs,” Tolentino said.

The van is equipped with 5 TV monitors, 3 of which show feeds from the major networks, another is connected to a laptop receiving feeds from the MMDA’s CCTV cameras around the metro, and another screen is for the traffic navigator system.

Inside the van may be operated by a three-man force which consists of a driver and 2 technicians.

The van may be operated by a three-man team—a driver and two technicians.

MMDA chair said that it would be easier for the agency to position traffic officers or emergency rescue teams for accidents or calamities, since the monitoring is now on wheels.

“We could use this during protest rallies and processions, like the Quiapo procession,” Tolentino added.

“Since the images being recorded by the mobile Metrobase are in real time, the agency can issue alerts to motorists more efficiently.” he added.

The mobile Metrobase could be sent as far as Pampanga for monitoring since we rely on microwave technology.

The attached camera can zoom in clearly on an object about one kilometer away.

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