Psychiatric test for the Azkals

Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman challenged the two players from the Philippine national football team to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist after they accused of sexual harassment. Soliman also suggested Azkals to take psychological assessment, and cultural oriention about the Philippines.

”It really is no joke when you’re idolized by many, and you misbehave” Soliman added

Cristy Ramos claimed that the players of Azkals (Lexton Moy, and Angel Guirado) disrespected her while she was conducting a pre-match check regarding the game against Malaysia last week.

In the meantime Malacañang refuse to get involved with the sexual harassment issue.

Accoring to Deputy Presidential Spokesperosn Abigail Valte “It’s up to the (PFF) Philippine Football Federation to decide on how Moy and Guirado will be sactioned.”

Federation’s Diciplinary Committee is already conducting an investigation regarding the issue. PFF president Mariano Araneta said.

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