Former Lingayen Pangasinan Vice-Mayor and his wife killed in Manila

Former Lingayen Pangasinan Vice-Mayor Ramon Arcinue and his wife Zorahyda was shot and killed by an unknown gunman in Sampaloc, Manila late night Wednesday.They were shot in front of their son’s apartment in Maceda Street Manila around 11pm.

Before the incident happened, Ramon Arcinue was first heard having a quarrel with the Gunman.

The Arcinues had just arrived from a graduation dinner when the incident occurred. Their son JC,will graduate this march. The Police said

According to some residents who witnessed the crime, the gunman was on his bare foot when he fled the scene and boarded a bus along España Boulevard.

Ramon and his wife were rushed to the UST Hospital but died while being treated, they both sustained gunshot wounds to the head.

Before this incident two gunmen also attempted to kill the Arcinues on March 4, 2011 in Lingayen. The Police suspect politics is behind the killing.

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