Zamboanga City Gas leak

In Zamboangga City thousands of residents were evacuated after a chemical leaked from an ice plant in a west coast village. Ninety-nine people were hospitalized due to suffocation, nausea and eye irritation.

Mayor Celso Lobregat instantly ordered an investigation regarding the ammonia gas leak that affected residents of Zone 8 in Barangay Ayala. According to the checker of the E & L Ice Plant an ice molder fell and hit one of the plant’s cooling system pipes and triggered the gas leak.

The E & L Ice Plant has immediately stopped their operations and would only resume once the damaged cooling system pipe will be repaired or replaced.

A resident of the United Visayan Homeowners Association said they were forced to evacuate since they were suffocated after  after noting a white smoke billowed from the ice plant compound.

Most members of Visayan homeowners Association were working nearby sardine factories. Victims were transferred to the gymnasium of the Ayala National High School. Five of the victims remained at the hospital as of Thursday afternoon.

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