1,913 New Lawyers

Among 6,000 hopefuls to become a lawyer, only 1,913 passed the exam.

The Supreme Court released the results yesterday, February 29, 2pm. Chief Justice Renato Corona appeared before the public and gave a statement.

“Sa successful, my heartfelt congratulations to you. Sa kinapos ng konti sa average, there’s always a next time, huwag kayo mawawalan ng pagasa,” said Corona.

Outwitting them all, ADMU student, Raoul Angelo D. Atadero made it to the first place. Luz Bolong (ADMU) was 2nd. She was followed by Cherry Rafal-Roble (Arellano University) and Rosemil BaƱaga (Notre Dame University), who placed 3rd and fourth, respectively.

The 2011 batch, which gained 31.95%, is the second highest rating of bar passers since 2001 which has 32.89% passing rate.

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