Frat members reveal the true incident behind Marvin Reglos death

Two members of the fraternity are already in the hands of authorities but the question on who should be punished remains unanswered.

The two requested to remain anonymous, for their protection, they pledge to reveal the true event during the initiation rites of Lambda Rho Beta in Antipolo City. The two sources exposed that members was drunk the night before they hazed their neophytes.

“Mga lasing ho sila. Nag-inuman po sila sa bahay po ng kanilang past grand… kaya ho siguro nasobrahan ‘yung nangyari sa neophyte nilang si Marvin Reglos,” said one source.

They also revealed that one of their members hit Reglos to the head after he misspelled the name of their fraternity (Lamdba Rho Beta).

Grand rhoan Eduardo Escobal is to blame for modifying the initiation which may have led to the death of Marvin Reglos.

“Iyong grand rhoan po ng Lambda Rho Beta eh nagdagdag po ng isang stage sa initiation nila. Iyon nga po iyong free-for-all. Ang nangyari po doon, lahat po ng miyembro eh sabay-sabay po na kukuyugin po ang neophyte. Sa palagay po namin, iyon po ang naging dahilan kung bakit po may namatay na isang neophyte ng Lambda Rho Beta ngayon,” the other source said.

The sources denied that they were present during the initiation, they said that they are afraid to reaveal the their identities because they could face reprisal from the members of the fraternity as well as the San Beda proffessors who were also member of their fraternity and affiliate sorority.

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