Bela Padilla under attack on Twitter for supposed ‘racist’ magazine cover

Bela Padilla is the talk of Twitterland due to her touchy magazine cover issue

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Bela Padilla is making much noise with her first-ever appearance on the cover of a popular men’s magazine – but not for the right reasons.

Apparently, many Tweeps find the cover – which has Padilla wearing nothing but a tiny, red bikini surrounded by women covered in what seemed to be soot – quite ‘racist’ in tone.

Twitter user ‏ @AinjTorres actually deemed Padilla herself a “racist” for agreeing to appear in such.

“The girl in @FHMPhils discriminating cover. She herself must be a Racist then,” he posted.

Other Twitter users like @LadyCachola, @sarhentosilly and @pitradactyl went on to directly tweet Padilla about it.

“@belavly you looked great in the cover of FHM, I’m a tad offended as I’m not light skinned like you, but your (sic) just doing your job,”

@LadyCachola posted.

Apart from the cover, @sarhentosilly hit Padilla on being a “writer.”

“@belavly I can’t believe you’re a writer and you don’t even know how to read between the lines. You’re a disgrace to the writing community,” he said.

@pitradactyl on the other hand assailed Padilla for saying: “the only racists in the world are the people who think racism exists.”

This was followed by @radikalchick who directly tweeted Padilla, “@belavly oh honey, don’t talk about things you don’t know about.”

@jjjjjjjjjjjjjn meanwhile said, “REALLY? THAT’S HOW YOU DEFINE THE WORD RACIST? Dyusko teh. Ikaw magbasa, at wag lang FHM.”

The hapless Padilla tried to defend herself and the magazine cover to the utmost of her efforts, answering each and every tweet the best that she can and in a very sensible manner.

“Let’s take something positive and see it positively. Not see something positive and find the smallest flaw to make it negative,” she posted.

She apologized to those who were seemingly offended by the cover explaining that the concept was about her “stepping out of MY inhibitions, MY fears, MY shadows. Not bashing a certain race.”

“Please read the article to understand the cover,” she pleaded at one point.

The brouhaha reached another level when former boldie Rica Peralejo attacked the cover.

“Grabe I don’t know why they did a peg like that. I personally think that it’s being insensitive to racial issues,” she posted.

She went on to address the matter with Padilla herself, going on to advise the actress to not just agree to anything and everything offered to her.

“Hope u can talk to someone also who can open your eyes to how bad the concept of the cover was. Para na din next time,mas aware ka and make informed decisions to say yes or no to offers that will come your way. :) ,” she said.

Padilla replied with a curt, “@ricaperalejo yup! Ill keep that in mind, thank you. :)

The publishers of the magazine are yet to speak about the issue.


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