Bedan died in Hazing

Police identified the man who died during an alleged fraternity hazing rite yesterday in Antipolo City, Marvin Reglos, 25 years old and a 1st year law student from San Beda.

A group of men in a red Honda City (WMF-147) brought Reglos in Unciano Medical Center around 2 pm. When the doctor declared that Reglos was dead, the men immediately left.

Reglos suffered bruises all over his body, sign that he was tortured, but an injury on his nape primarily appeared to be the cause of his death.

Two more men arrived and inquired about the victim’s condition, minutes after Reglos was left at the hospital by the unknown group of men.

Police officers who were already at the hospital investigating Reglos case saw the two suspicious men, rushing to get out of the hospital. The two were arrested and later identified as Eric Castillo, 28, and Bodjie Yap, 24, both fourth year law students of San Sebastian College, Castillo and Yap were brought at the Antipolo Police headquarters and charged with violation of the Anti-hazing law.

The hazing reportedly happened between Saturday night and Sunday noon at Guillen Private Resort, Barangay San Roque. An unknown man had also called the police giving the purported names of three Lambda Rho Beta members responsible for the fatal hazing.

“But we are still verifying that information,” Aquino said.

Aquino said Reglos died wearing a shirt bearing the name of the Lambda Rho Beta Fraternity, which has members composed mostly of lawyers and law students.

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