Pauleen Luna: “ Hindi po ako buntis.”

Viewers of Eat Bulaga’s segment “Juan for All, All For Juan”, witnessed how Pauleen Luna fainted while interviewing their contestant on the show. All the people on the remote and either in studio were shocked and panicked seeing Dabarkads Pauleen fell on the floor. But Pauleen denied the rumors that the reason she fainted is because she is pregnant.

“Hindi po ako buntis,”Pauleen answered on “Showbiz Central” last February 19.

The rumors became viral because of Vic said on that moment she fainted, “Hindi ba naghahanap ng maasim o ano?”

Pauleen Luna defended Vic’s statement, “Bossing is just making things lighter kasi, of course, the whole studio was panicking, sila lahat. Even sa remote lahat nagpa-panic.” Pauleen made it clear that she has a history of fainting and it was not the first time.

Pauleen explained what happened that day.

“Nu’ng may tinawagan na sina Bossing at palakad na kami sa contestant [ay] wala na akong naintindihan. Umiikot na talaga ang paningin ko. Tapos tumatawa sila, nakikitawa na lang ako,” Pauleen recalled.  I didn’t wanna naman…ayoko namang mag-inarte just because nahihilo ako. ‘Pag about face, parang gumagano’n gano’n na ako talaga [motioning a circular movement in the air]. Biglang parang isang mabilis, wala na ako talaga, blackout.”

Pauleen said she fainted because of lack of sleep, food intake and fatigue.

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