Priscilla Meirelles gave birth to “Sammanta Anechka”

Brazilian Beauty Queen Priscilla Meirelles finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 12:29 am, confirmed thru text by her husband John Estrada to Ginger Conejero.
John Estrada announced last Friday in the final show of HYY that his wife was brought to the hospital because they thought Priscilla will give birth that day. “Sammanta Anechka is her name. But I don’t think we’re ready to show her,” said John. Anechka weighs 6.13 pounds.
Priscilla explained how they chose the name for their daughter.
“Actually, it was pronounced as Aneka.
“We were like, you know, having a hard time to pick a name because we are so picky when it comes to that, we really wanted our daughter to have a unique name.
“And a week ago, we finally agreed that we had a common understanding with the name, we were searching through a lot of names and my husband chose Anechka.
“My husband liked the name because it is unique.
“It’s actually Russian, it’s a Russian name and it means–I like the fact that it symbolize–it means grace, and it’s also a biblical name, it means the one chosen by God to speak.”

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