Is it totally a “Farewell” to Showtime?

Many were shocked by seemed to be the “last” show of Showtime last Saturday, January 28.

Showtime has been airing for more than two years and has been a replacement for some time as a noontime show of Abs-Cbn. For their last episode, videos of their former grand champions, dancers, “madlang pipol” and their celebrity guests, thanking Showtime and telling their experiences with the show, were shown before commercials. There were also performances by their former “Hurados” like Jed Madela, Vina Morales, Robert Sena, Juris Fernandez, Nyoy Volante, Yeng Constantino, Jet Pangan, Sitti, and Yael Yuzon and a dance number from Iya Villania, Ryan Bang, and Jhong Hilario.

The hosts expressed their deepest gratitude to the “madlang pipol”, the staff and with their co-hosts.  Each has their messages with their co-hosts. Everyone was emotional with their messages to each other.

But everyone was confused about what Hapee Yippe Yehey host’s said, “Buti pa sila isang linggo lang di magkikita,”John Estrada said. “Buti sila isang linggo natin ‘di makikita. Tayo? ‘Di na makikita,” Randy answered while laughing. So we can say that their farewell is only temporary for Showtime. For the meantime, Showtime will be replaced by “Kapamilya Blockbuster”, followed by “Mundo Man ay Magunaw”, both will start on Monday, January 30.

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