Nothing but disappointments are on the Palace now as one official was caught buying pirated DVDs and President Benigno Aquino III’s attempt to defend him.

According to an Inquirer report on Wednesday, Ronald Llamas, presidential adviser on political affairs, was caught Monday night buying a stack of pirated DVDs worth P2,000 at a mall in Quezon City.

As of this writing, “Llamas” has been trending locally on Twitter. Netizens said Llamas must be more responsible with his actions as a public official.

User mychix88 said, “Llamas must bear in mind that he is a public servant. Any issues on him will affect the president/administration.”

“As for Llamas, he should have been more careful,” user jacjimeno said.

User DeanSulutan also pointed out, “Should he not set an example too?”

Also, Aquino is being hit by the Netizens for defending Llamas.

On a  separate Inquirer report quoted Aquino as saying, “You know that we have so many problems. That DVD (issue) is kind of low on our priorities.”

He said the photo of Llamas he saw in the Inquirer appeared to show him “just passing by.” He added, “I really do not know if these were DVDs—or I assume they are DVDs.”  The president said that he would first ask Llamas for his side of the story.

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