David Archuleta soon to be watched on TV5


David A. will soon to hit our local TV screen as he signs a contract with TV5 to do a TV series. He will be joined by TV5’s homegrown talent Jasmine Curtis and Eula Caballero as his leading ladies.

Jasmine told viewers of Paparazzi, “We’re honored po na makapares si David sa isang show kasi for us, it’s an impossible thought or dream.”

A separate report on InterAksyon.com, TV5’s online news portal, posted also on Sunday stated,“The signing of Archuleta is seen to further boost the attempts of TV5, currently the third biggest broadcasting network in the Philippines, to climb up the rankings.

“The signing of an international star of Archuleta’s youth and talent, arguably in his prime, is bound to shake up the Philippine entertainment industry.”

David Archuleta will come to the Philippines this January 13 to start the shooting of his new TV series.

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