Tyron Perez’s reason for “suicide”

The alleged debt because of gambling is one of the possible causes why Tyron Perez had to end his life on Thursday night, December 29, in Valenzuela city inside his car. It is based on the police statement of his two friends, Priscilla Salazar and Alvin.

Tyron shot himself in the right temple, based on the investigation of SOCO.

Another angle that the police have to consider was Tyron’s marital woes. Liv, Tyron’s wife for 2 years, said that it was the third time that they fought because of his gambling issues, but never did she realize that his husband could kill himself.

“Akala ko joke lang….Binaril niya yung sarili niya.

“Parang, bam! Parang nahulog na malaking book, parang ganoon. Nahulog na yung phone.

“Hello ako nang hello, wala na,” Liv said.

Tyron Perez was a product of GMA’s reality based talent search “Star Struck” and then later on transferred to Star Magic where he did some shows like “Momay” and “Mula sa Puso”. The young actor was in the cast of 2006 movie, “Twilight Dancer”, where he played as a macho dancer.

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