Rhian Ramos finally breaks her silence

In an interview with 24 Oras last December 7, 201, TV actress Rhian Ramos finally broke her silence regarding her controversial relationship with radio DJ Mo Twister.

According to Rhian, she met Mo when she was still 16 and Mo was 29 years old. She described Mo as “nice, smart, and funny”, which she says are the reasons why Mo was easy to befriend and eventually became his boyfriend.

When asked to describe her relationship and friendship with Mo, Rhian mentioned that she eventually like Mo because she feels flattered when Mo gave her lots of attention and mentions his admiration for Rhian on his radio show.

But Rhian admitted that their relationship wasn’t easy. At the beginning of their relationship, Rhian’s parents and close friends already warned her of Mo’s reputation. Rhian was told of Mo’s love child, attitude of being tactless, and the problem of their age gap.

Rhian confessed that she has already learned her lesson and admitted that she never listened to the advices of the people close to her. “Because I just really liked him and I guess I was just being blind”, she added.

Thing started to get sourer when Rhian and Mo became a couple. “Later on, when we became boyfriend-girlfriend, many things changed… And I came to know him in a completely different way.. It’s like he was a different person Rhian said.

Rhian tried to break-off from the relationship when she realized that her relationship with Mo was already “unhealthy”. But Rhian said that every time she tries to break from the relationship, Mo Twister would threaten her. According to her, Mo Twister even promised to take everything that Rhian loves away from her. “Yun ba yung love? Tatakutin ka ng tao? Ite-threaten ka? Sisirain ka? “Para ano? Para sa kanya ka lang?”, the actress added.

Rhian said that she regrets not listening to her parents because she was blind. She admitted being young and thought that she was doing the right thing.  The actress also expressed her shock and pain when she saw the news regarding her alleged abortion by a video diary made by Mo“I could not believe what I was seeing…I could not believe that he would say those things about me, and make a video saying things like that about me.” She said

Because of the turn-out of events, Rhian said that she will take a shot leave from showbiz to take a rest and be with her family.

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