Derek Ramsay gets injured; undergoes arm surgery.

Hunk movie actor Derek Ramsay is now contemplating of quitting playing disc or “Frisbee” because of sustaining an arm injury from playing the sport.

The actor’s arm injury is not the first time he got injured from playing the sport. Though he recovered, Derek already suffered injuries in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) of his right knee, while his left suffered a fracture.

According to his tweet on Monday, Ramsay broke his arm in three places and that the doctors have to put metal plates in.

Ramsay encountered the incident Sunday afternoon, wherein he still tweeted in the morning that he was excited for the Frisbee tournament and posted: “Morning guys!!! Today is the big day!!!!! Hope we win. Pls wish our team luck”

But a few hours after the previous tweet, Derek already tweeted that he “in so much pain” and lamented that “Everything happens for a reason. I think this a sign for me to say goodbye to the sport I love so much.”

Meanwhile, Derek’s longtime girlfriend Angelica Panganiban also posted a tweet urging everyone to pray his boyfriend. “Please pray for dereks fast recovery. He got into an accident from frisbee. Broken arms. Needs operation tmrw… Thank you guys,” she posted.

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