Solon proposes changing “EDSA” to “Cory Aquino Avenue”

In honor of the late president and the “icon” of democracy in the Philippines, a Filipino lawmaker suggested renaming the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to Cory Aquino Avenue.

“It would be but a fitting tribute to former President Corazon Aquino, woman of courage and valor, that EDSA, an avenue that became testament to the country’s love of democracy, be named after her,” said Bohol Representative Rene Relampagos.

The late president Cory Aquino is connected with the history of EDSA as the venue of the 1986 People Power Revolution that ousted Former President Ferdinand Marcos and made Aquino president.

EDSA is one of the main roads in Metro Manila stretching 54 kilometers. Before it was renamed after the Filipino Historian, Epifanio de los Santos in 1959 through Republic Act 2140, EDSA was known as Highway 54.

However, the news was not welcomed by netizens in the country. Others expressed their frustrations on the lack of focus of Filipino lawmakers on more important matters such as government budget and developmental laws. While others expressed their sentiments on why the government is focusing on lighter issues on renaming EDSA wherein the issue of heavy traffic is much more important and timely.

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