Queenie Padilla quits showbiz, embraces Islam

Queenie Padilla, the daughter of action star Robin Padilla and Liezl Sicangco (a natural born Islam) has officially announced that she will leave show business for good and live her life based on the teachings of Islam.

Padilla’s conversion came after her mother’s appeal last March that her daughters Kylie and Queenie to return to the Muslim faith.

“When I was in showbiz, I was very unhappy. I was lost and I always felt I never belong[ed]. But now that Allah is in my life, Alhamdullilah, La illa illalah, I am so happy and content in my life,” Padilla said.

Queenie recently went to Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform her religious duty called Hajj. She added that she found “inner peace” and “direction” by going back to Islam where she also found her happiness.

“Islam is a way of life. When you start to [become a] Muslim, you know [what] your life purpose really is. I am such a sinful person, but Allah invited me to his house. I am so close to him,” she said.

Padilla also expressed that being a female celebrity is considered as Haraam in the Islam religion (term used in referral to anything that is prohibited by Allah) because women need to show “everything” to gain viewer’s interest, which in contrary to Islam teaching of women being conservative and modest.

Padilla also thanked her father for introducing her to the religion of Islam.

“I just want to thank my father for giving me the opportunity to perform Hajj. And I love him so much because without my father, I might not have been a Muslim,” she said.

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