Luis Manzano admits relationship with Jennylyn Mercado

Luis Manzano finally admits that he and Jennylyn Mercado are an item.

“Oo, kami na.” Manzano said during an interview with an online entertainment site during the tv show, Showtime.

“It’s formal that we’re together. Sabi ko nga, may anniversary na kami.”

However, Manzano refused to explain further on the details of their relationship and the exact date of when they became a couple.  “What’s important is that our relationship is now formal and legal and has no temporary restraining order (TRO)” Manzano added.

Manzano also said that he is very happy regardless of the label of their relationship and admitted that nothing has changed in their relationship as it was when he and Jennylyn were just starting to be a couple.

In a follow-up interview on showbiz talk show last Sunday night, Jennylyn Mercado said she was surprised with Manzano’s admission and that she was not prepared for Manzano’s public admission.

Mercado added that she didn’t get the chance to watch Manzano’s admission and that Manzano is currently in Taiwan and can’t properly discuss the events that have happened. But even though Manzano is in Taiwan, Mercado said that Luis informed him of her boyfriend’s decision and accepted the turn-out of events.

Mercado admitted that the turn-out of events can no longer be undone that’s why she’s okay with what happened.

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