Sarah Geronimo pressured and no longer guarded.

In a recent interview in an entertainment show Pop superstar Sarah Geronimo revealed that her mother no longer watches her as much as before and also admitted that she is pressured with the success of Star Cinema and Viva Film’s “No Other Woman” and “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin”.

When Geronimo was asked about the reason behind the unusual act by her mother, Geronimo replied “Hindi na, hindi na masyado. Ako nga yung nalulungkot kapag mag-isa lang ako. Busing-busy siya sa mga errands.”

Geronimo is also set to do a movie with Gerald Anderson entitled “Won’t last a day without you” that will be shown starting Nov. 23. The movie follows the box office hits of the two films by Star Cinema and Viva Films. Sarah admitted that she is feeling pressured to deliver the same results as the two movies or more.

“To be honest, yes. Sobra! [But] on a positive note naman, mas nacha-challenge kami na mas pagbutihan pa yung trabaho namin, kami ni Gerald,” she said.

The second Sarah-Gerald movie has Sarah playing the role of radio jock Heidee (real name George Apostol), who dishes out on her radio program some love advice from her own “painful” experiences.

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