Manny Pacquiao buys a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia

(photo from

(photo from

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao recently bought a brang new Ferrari 458 Italia. The purchase came three weeks before his fight with Mexican boxer Juan Miguel Marrquez.

The price of the car, which is in color gray, is believed to be worth at least US$225,000 and is now parked at the Filipino champion’s apartment unit at the Palazzo in downtown Los Angeles according to Ed de la Vega.

Just a couple of days ago, the 8-time world champion was checking on a Mercedes Gullwing, which was being sold to him for $210,000. However, it seemed that he chose the 4,499cc V8 Ferrari.

Saranggani Representative Pacquiao is known for having a wide array of expensive cars. Among the high-end cars he uses while moving around Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Philippines include a Porsche, Lincoln Navigator, Escalade, Mercedez Benz and other SUVs which he and his escorts use for official government functions.

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