Albert Martinez emotional again over wife’s cancer fight

Actor Albert Martinez (photo from ABS-CBN)

On an interview on a Sunday entertainment talk show, Albert Martinez once again became emotional when he said that his wife, Liezl Martinez’ cancer recurred.

We experienced another setback na akala namin okay na. Nag-recur yung big letter C,” Martinez shared.

“Again gumuho na naman ang mundo ko. For the past 2 years, akala ko okay na. We’re having plans again of ‘we want this, we want that, we’ll go here, we’ll go there.’ And then all of a sudden, nangyari ulit iyon. Parang what’s going on? Nag-stop lahat. It’s harder the second time around to put the pieces together. Parang ito na ba iyon? Is there any hope?,” he said.

Martinez admitted that his world was once again shattered because of the unfortunate news and admits that he has been praying harder now for Liezl’s condition to get better and for the rest of the family to recover.

When asked about his love for his wife, Martinez said that it has not changed and that they are just experiencing another bump in their liv