Laptop Stealing Caught on Camera

September 19, 2011 at Rufino Tower, Makati Philippines, a man in white shirt was spotted by a CCTV camera stealing a laptop in the reception area, Monday Afternoon.

The culprit went inside an office leasing company acting like an applicant and innocent when he did the crime. It took him 5-seconds to observe the room and slid the laptop to his empty backpack. Fortune was with him when an employee was about to leave the company premises and managed to escape without any hassle.

The incident was reported immediately to the building’s security administrator to investigate on this horrifying incident.

You can watch the incident it here:


The video was submitted to a local TV station and was aired the next day. The robber has not been caught and is walking as a free man today.

The security in the Rufino Building became tighter after reporting this incident to them.

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