Facts about Google, Facebook and Twitter

Three of the most popular and common sites are Google, Facebook and Twitter. Google is the most popular search engine and has as many reliable applications and features while Facebook and twitter are defining what some see as the “social” era of the Internet, in which connections made among people replace algorithm-driven searches. And its policies, more than any others, seem to be driving the definition of privacy in this new age.

Google is one of the most recognized company in the world, billions of people use Google as their source of information, making the owners of the company billionaires.

Facts about google.com

  1. The owners were Sergey Brin and Larry Page who were declared by the Forbe’s Magazine as the 24th richest billionaires in the world with estimated net worth of 19.8 billion and their net worth is increasing every year.
  2. The Google name was taken from Googol which refers to the number 1 followed by one hundred zeroes.
  3. The company started as a research project at Stanford University.
  4. Google receives requests of information all over the world, including Antartica.
  5. Google has more 20,000 employees worldwide who are known as Googlers and their headquarters are called Googleplex.
  6. Google employees are also equity holders.
  7. The first Google “Doodles” is a man burning behind the Google logo, this is first used by the owners, Brin and Page to remind their employees that they are out of town in Burning Man festival in Nevada and they couldn’t work problems.
  8. The first memory storage of Google was only 40GB and it is only protected by LEGOs, they use LEGO because it perfectly fits their storage, the Logo of Google was also inspired by these toys.
  9. According to Merriam-Webster and oxford dictionary, Google is an official word, it is a verb which means search using the internet or manipulate a search engine. It is a slang term now used in everyday life.
  10. Google allows employees to bring dogs in the company as long as the breed of your canine pet is not aggressive, has too many fur and can’t hurt people, cats are not allowed in the company.
  11. Google is one of the first to use spelling checker, you can see that “Did you mean….?” feature. That feature gave also the breakthrough of that company.
  12. When you are an employee of Google and you have a new idea, you can work on it even consuming 20% your working time, the Google owners entertain new ideas from their employee.
  13. More than 600 million of people visit Google daily.
  14. Google owns other popular sites like Youtube and Blogger.

Many of us are facebook addicts and fanatics. We open your facebook everyday looking for the latest happening from your real friends, crushes and fantasies. Colleagues and others. This famous social networking site has become a part of many people’s lives and will continue to become one.

Facts about facebook.com

  1. Mark Zuckerberg, one of the founder of the said site is a college drop-out.
  2. Mark, intended Facebook for Harvard students only.
  3. Facebook is banned China, Vietnam and Syria.
  4. 55 year-old and above woman from United states are one of the fastest growing Facebook users in the world.
  5. Philippines is ranked 8th in terms of Facebook usage, more than 10.8 million users.
  6. In terms of everyday traffic, facebook is ranked number 2 in the world. Of course, Google is still number 1.
  7. In 2009, New Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year was “unfriend” to cope with this phenomenon.
  8. Facebook is worth more than $7billion USD.
  9. There are employers who search their applicant’s facebook account and will try to look for something that they may need.
  10. The first name of Facebook is Facemash.
  11. If Facebook is a country, it will become the 5th most populous country in the world.
  12. An average user spends 5 hours per day just browsing their wall, clicking like buttons and commenting on someone’s status.
  13. Forbes stated the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire.
  14. Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Paypal was the first person to invest in the site. He invested $500,000.00 in June 2004.
  15. Before Facebook became a phenomenon, the owner, Mark Zuckerberg faced multiple lawsuits claiming he stole someone’s idea.
  16. Mark Zuckerberg, is a victim of his own privacy policy when some of his shirtless photos have gone public.
  17. Burger King created a Fanpage called ” WHOPPER Sacrifice” rewarded facebook users “Angry whopper” for publicly deleting friends. Many agreed.
  18. Poker has the most number of fans in Facebook.
  19. The company who created Farmville earned more than $200 million. Farmville has a support that is outsourced here in the Philippines.
  20. There are more than 60 million status updates daily.
  21. More than 150 million are accessing facebook using their mobile phone. Facebook mobile is a huge success.
  22. Psychologists introduced a new disorder called FAD (Facebook addiction disorder).
  23. A burglar opened his Facebook account using his victim’s computer but forgot to log it off. He was apprehended after.

Twitter is one of the most popular website of all time with more than 50 million users, definitely twitter is a trend. Here are some interesting facts about twitter.

Facts about twitter.com

  1. Twitter was founded 2006.
  2. The original name was twttr with green balloon-like logo spelling of the name. The first twit on twitter was done by one of the developers, his name was Jack Dorsey and he twitted “just setting up my twttr.”
  3. March 12, 2011 is the record where the most number of created account in a single day. The total accounts created were 572,000.
  4. The first person to have 1 million twitter followers was Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher.
  5. The person who has the most number of twitter followers was Lady Gaga (First to have 10 million).
  6. The first Filipino to have 1 million twitter follow was actress, Anne Curtis, she received her 1 millionth follower same day as the royal wedding.
  7. 50% of tweets are created through mobile devices.
  8. 55% of twitter users are women.
  9. If Twitter was a country, it is the 12th most populous.
  10. To date, according to alexa, twitter is 9th in terms of everyday visitors.
  11. 65 million tweets are created everyday, that was 750 tweets per seconds.
  12. Philippine local artists became controversial because of their tweets. These includes Angelica Panganiban, Manny Pacquiao, Leah Salonga and many more.
  13. You can only post up to 140 characters only.
  14. An average twitter user has 27 followers.
  15. Mostly of the twitter users follow only the company where they patronize a product.
  16. Last Decenber 2009, the main page of twitter said “This Web Site has been hacked by the Iranian cyber army.” But, with less than 24 hours, everything went back to normal.
  17. Companies like Dell, Microsoft and others admitted that they increased sale after making a twitter account.
  18. Twitter’s search engine processes 600 million queries per day.

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