DENR bans social media access during office hours

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is enforcing a ban on the use of several social networking sites particularly Facebook and YouTube by workers in the office. This action concerns about the security and productivity of the agency.

DENR Secretary Ramon Paje suspected that some employees were able to access some banned websites by exploiting glitches in their server firewalls .

In response, Paje issued a prohibition on accessing Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Multiply, Meebo, and similar social networking sites within the office. Also, playing online games during office hours is prohibited. Such access suffers the security and productivity of the workforce in the agency.

The agency will be conducting a software audit to stamp out the users who have exploited the server firewalls.

“Anyone, regardless of employment status, caught using proxy software to access banned sites shall be subjected to Civil Service rules and regulations,” he said in a statement.

Violators could face a variety of actions from DENR administration, from reprimand, suspension, to outright dismissal, citing a Civil Service Commission Memorandum.

Not all government agencies restrict their employees from accessing social networking site. Among most recent to implement a bans South Cotabato where Governor Arthur Pingoy, Jr. cited that allowing social networking sites during work hours would only cause disruption of employee productivity.

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