Marcos family has agreed to Ilocos burial

Foermer President Marcos

Former president Ferdinand Marcos might soon be buried, but not in the ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ where his family originally wanted him to be.

Vice President Jejomar Binay, is the one responsible to submit a recommendation to Malacanang about the matter months back.

“Pumayag na ang Marcos family na sa Ilocos ilibing si dating Pangulong Marcos,” Binay said in a statement Tuesday.

“Yong ikalawang part (military honors) na lang yung dapat nating plantsahin at malapit nang mangyari ‘yon,” said Binay.

However, Marcos family have yet to receive “official communication” from Malacanang to polish fully the plan of Marcos burial.

“The family has not received any word from Noynoy about it so the family has nothing to react to. But we are always open to any compromise, proposals,” the Senator said.

Joey Salgado, Binay’s spokesman, had said that Marcos family has no objection regarding the Ilocos burial, even before the recommendation to Aquino was made.

Salgado said there were representatives from the Marcos family during the negotiations.

Marcos died in Hawaii on September 28, 1989 due to kidney failure. His body was returned to the Philippines in 1993, almost a decade after his ouster.

His embalmed corpse is still in a mausoleum in Batac, Ilocos Norte.

Source: Binay: Marcos family has agreed to Ilocos burial

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