Philippine Football team, Azkals, faces a tougher job after 3-0 loss against Kuwait

Philippines vs. Kuwait

Philippines vs. Kuwait

The Philippine Azkals had lost to Kuwait Al-Azraq with the final score at 3-0. The Azkals were not able to depend well. The game was affected by the absence of the two defenders, Borromeo and Shrock. Additionally, the heat getting at least 44 degree centigrade even if they played at night affected the performance of the Azkals.

The Philippine Azkals were obviously dissatisfied after their 3-0 loss against Kuwait in the 1st leg of their 2nd round World Cup qualifier, and they regret their missed goal opportunities against the tough Kuwaiti team. Their fans were even more disappointed since they expected a lot from the team. However, Filipinos are still hoping that the next game that will be scheduled at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila will have positive result. The team needs to score four goals in order to qualify for the next round. If ever the Azkals can score only 3 goals another extension will be made to determine the winner.

We actually hit the bar several times,” said team manager Dan Palami.

“It’s a very sad story actually, we had 3 very good chances in the 1st half,” said Azkals coach Michael Weiss.

Phil Younghusband nearly scored for the Philippines in the 1st half of the game, but was denied by the Kuwaiti goal keeper.

“We came here with a goal, and we thought we had it,” said defender Jason Sabio. “But we had a couple of unlucky breaks, and we found ourselves down 3-0.”

“In the 2nd half, it was one wave after another, and unfortunately, (they scored) a late goal,” Coach Weiss said.

Weiss said that if the Azkals had managed to avoid the late goal by the Kuwaitis, a 2-0 final score would have been “a fantastic result.”

Highlights of the game: Azkals vs. Kuwait


“During the first half of the game the Azkals have shown a heart of a tough team to beat. Their determination and good defense was enough to contain the more talented Kuwaitis to only one goal. The Kuwaiti’s have scored from a counter-attacked. Yousef Nasser had scored for Kuwait during the 18th minute through a header.

Kuwait started it strong at the 2nd half but Philippine Azkals defenders tackle it very well. The score was still 1-0. De Jong gets booked for a foul from behind there are no complains from the players, the Kuwaiti had just made a dramatic reaction.”

Highlight of the 1st half of the game

“At around 64th minute Angel Guirado had a chance and breaks through, takes a shot against the crowd just inside the box but is wide feft. After his attempt he went down and was taken out by stretcher there is something wrong with his right leg possibly a cramps.

The Kuwaitis had more possession compared to the Azkals and their passing had been way up high compared to the Philippine Azkals. At around 68th minute a controversial goal was scored. From a corner, headed by a Kuwaiti and blocked by Neil, the ball drops to the ground in front of the goal chipped in from a scrambled. Goal for Kuwait scores 2-0.”

Highlight of the 2nd half of the game

“At around 85th minute player #11 from Kuwait takes time to set up and shot just outside the box and slips passed Neil at the bottom left corner. Weak defense was the reason why the ball had just passed against four Azkals defenders. Kuwait scored another goal at 3-0.

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