A 12-year-old Davao girl becomes the youngest that has HIV

According to the City Health Office (CHO) of Davao City, a 12-year-old girl has become the youngest person that has been infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) through sexual intercourse, since the City started to monitor the HIV cases last 1993.

Naay mga bata na karon na naga-engage na sa sex at a very young age (There are children now who engage in sex at a very young age),” said by Dr. Josiphine Villafuerte, the Chief of CHO of Davao City.

Based on their monitoring from January to March this year, there are 22 new cases of people living with HIV. 21 of them are males and 1 of them is female. Currently, there are 140 people living in the city that have been infected with the virus. Although the number of new cases is widespread among men, it is not yet certain that there are more instances of men having sex with men. Further study should conduct to clarify the continuous infection.

Even if they are positive with HIV, there is still hope. There are free medicines we can provide for them,” Villafuerte said.

HIV must not always relate with death since there are medicines that can provide by the local health office which can prolong the lives of infected persons according to Dr. Villafuerte.

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